Ice Cream Fitness 5×5 Program

If you are going to start workout, you will definitely need a simple and efficient program that will help you gain muscles and strength. An appropriate program for new people to bodybuilding is the “Ice Cream Fitness” (known as ICF5x5), created by Jason Blaha. Note that is a difficult but effective program.

You can learn more about the program either on Jason Blaha’s channel on Youtube or on his Facebook page, while here, here and here you can find some reviews and results. The following exercises are for beginners. The following video explains most of the questions you may have.

ICF5x5 Info

Target: Muscle Development/Strength
Type: Whole body
Experience level: Beginners
Training Days: 3
Suitable for: Men and women

The program is for 3 days a week, alternating between the A + B group exercises. For example:

Week 1

Monday – Workout A
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Workout B
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Workout A
Weekend – Rest

Week 2

Monday – Workout B
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Workout A
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Workout B
Weekend – Rest

ICF5x5 Workout A

Exercise – (Set x repeats)
Deep seats with bar (Squats) – (5×5)
Bench presses – (5×5)
Rowing Row (Bent Over Row) – (5×5)
Barbell Shrugs (Shoulders) – (3×8)
Triceps Extensions – (3×8)
Bending of biceps with bar, standing or seated – (3×8)
Backsides in Hyperextensions machine – (2×10)
Cable Crunches – (3×10)

ICF5x5 Workout B

Exercise (Set x repeats)
Deep seats with bar (Squats) – (5×5)
Deadlifts – (1×5)
Shoulder presses with upright bar – (5×5)
Bent Over Row (10% less than Workout A) – (5×5)
Press Grip Bench Press – (3×8)
Bending of biceps with bar, standing or inclined – (3×8)
Cable Crunches – (3×10)