Three meals per day, keeps the insulin resistance away

About the insulin resistance, I have been wrote in previous articles, but I will continue to write about because it is the main cause of obesity (and diabetes) [1]. Continue reading “Three meals per day, keeps the insulin resistance away”


The best sugar substitute

Personally, I only use a sweetener in my coffee and I want the best possible taste. And even if a sweetener is the healthiest, if it tastes like a grass, I prefer to consume sugar. However, after several tests on various sweeteners, I ended up with the best taste and also a healthy sugar substitute, backed by science. Continue reading “The best sugar substitute”

Is Agave the perfect sweetener?

Agave’s Syrup is a sweetener that recently saw a huge increase in sales as people looking for the best sweetener to replace sugar, and Agave sounds like the perfect sweetener, as its syrup combines a very good taste and a low glycemic index. But is for real? Continue reading “Is Agave the perfect sweetener?”

Dietary Myths: Eating Cereal Help you Lose Weight

Cereals find their way in our kitchen. Dozens of products [1] in recent years have been moved from simple snack to “necessary” for a balanced diet, and they advertised as very helpful for someone who wants to lose weight. But do you lose weight with cereals? Continue reading “Dietary Myths: Eating Cereal Help you Lose Weight”