Why Intermittent fasting isn't as good as you may think

Fasting diets are increasing in popularity. There are two main types of fasting diets, one is the Intermittent fasting (IF), aka the LeanGains type and the Alternate-Day-Fasting (ADF). These two types of diet are promising to be more effective for weight loss, build muscles and prevent some diseases. Sounds good but may not be for everyone. Continue reading “Why Intermittent fasting isn't as good as you may think”

Side effects of protein

As noted in previous articles, in every discussion about macronutrients, they all refer to the amounts of carbohydrates and fat, as well as to “good” or “bad” carbohydrates and “good” or “bad” fat. However, when it comes to protein, the discussion stops and everyone agrees, the more protein you consume, the better you will get. But what are the side effects of protein? Continue reading “Side effects of protein”