Macron’s charming wife is a 64 year old grandmother and a former teacher

The story of a student-teacher love that at 17 he said to her, “Whatever you do, I will marry you“. Continue reading “Macron’s charming wife is a 64 year old grandmother and a former teacher”


Do Looks Matter?

Although this is an article I wanted to write a few months ago, the reason I’m writing this now is this study that says that men’s storytelling ability affects their attractiveness and perceived status. So can you be more attractive with good conversation skills and if this is true, the question is why appearance make men insecure? Continue reading “Do Looks Matter?”

Do women want to be approached?

If you read any dating book (or any other PU product), you will see how they are giving great importance on approaching random women. Indirect, Direct, Passive, Brutal, Caveman, Pimp style or any other type of approach from the PU-sphere and everyone wondering what’s the best pickup line and what’s the perfect approach. The only thing, however, that no one is asking “Do women like to be approached?“. Continue reading “Do women want to be approached?”