My Opinion On ‘How to Become Fearless’ products

If there’s one thing I love from the Seduction/Pickup community, is that they always bring out and a new trend. 10 years ago it was the ‘indirect’ method or the pickup lines. Next, it was the ‘Direct’ method of ‘gaming’, to continue with a more direct method, like the ‘Mode One’, to skip this and go to more ‘Natural’ method and with time, more and more ‘aggressive’ methods are appearing. Continue reading “My Opinion On ‘How to Become Fearless’ products”


Don’t Believe The Hype

The “Seduction community” is a hype. They try to make you believe that if you follow their advice, you can become so cool (even if you were a geek), that every woman will fall in love with you, especially if you are going to use some NLP routines and other ‘cool’ materials. Continue reading “Don’t Believe The Hype”