Cheating girlfriend puts boyfriends to the test to see whos loyal

Yeah, these happens too in our society. A girl with two boyfriends, tests them to see if they are loyal… Continue reading “Cheating girlfriend puts boyfriends to the test to see whos loyal”


Silence! Do not speak!

In recent years and with the rapid rise of the internet (well, Facebook has contributed to it, since it has made every technologically irrelevant to want to get into the internet), there are various social groups that have taken on the role of the ‘dog catcher’ or the sheriff in their area and are trying to enforce their own law or take it in their hands sometimes. Continue reading “Silence! Do not speak!”

What Donald Trump’s body language says

At President Donald Trump’s first official trip abroad, there was a moment where he pushed aside Dusko Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, as he moved to the front of a group of the leaders [1]. Many body language experts around the world analyzing his body language, especially in that moment [2, 3]. Continue reading “What Donald Trump’s body language says”

Hey, I like you

This article is about a video that is viral (1.5ml hits at the time I write this post). In the video we see a guy, “opening” chicks with the line “Hey, I like you“. This video, even though I knew about it, was sent to me by some followers of the blog asking for my opinion, so I thought to make a post about it. Continue reading “Hey, I like you”

Do Looks Matter?

Although this is an article I wanted to write a few months ago, the reason I’m writing this now is this study that says that men’s storytelling ability affects their attractiveness and perceived status. So can you be more attractive with good conversation skills and if this is true, the question is why appearance make men insecure? Continue reading “Do Looks Matter?”

Day Game Soon to become a HATE crime in Britain

You are on a busy street in London, ready to approach and seduce some ‘innocent chicks’. You see a very attractive girl, but something inside you doubts about the approach or its result. If you are not sure, stop and don’t approach her, because soon approaching random women will be an offense in Britain. Continue reading “Day Game Soon to become a HATE crime in Britain”