#Me too…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know about #Me too, “the movement against sexual harassment.” [1]. Continue reading “#Me too…”


Three meals per day, keeps the insulin resistance away

About the insulin resistance, I have been wrote in previous articles, but I will continue to write about because it is the main cause of obesity (and diabetes) [1]. Continue reading “Three meals per day, keeps the insulin resistance away”

How Coffee is Making You Fat

Does coffee make you fat? And only by listening to something like this, you may start laughing insanely, especially because black coffee contains no calories. But as you will see, it is not so funny, especially when it’s based on science. Continue reading “How Coffee is Making You Fat”

Dietary Myths: Eating Cereal Help you Lose Weight

Cereals find their way in our kitchen. Dozens of products [1] in recent years have been moved from simple snack to “necessary” for a balanced diet, and they advertised as very helpful for someone who wants to lose weight. But do you lose weight with cereals? Continue reading “Dietary Myths: Eating Cereal Help you Lose Weight”