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Currently, I have about a decade and a half of experience in Pickup, Dating and Self Improvement with no clear end in sight. In this time I have accumulated countless stories and insights on this subject. My hope is that readers will find the posts insightful and that putting my thoughts into words will help you and even me learn more and be a better person.

Please note that I constantly edit and re-publish many of my old posts, so come back again if you didn’t find anything you like.

My posts can be broken down into these categories:
1. A Player’s Life (theories from years of experience from someone who paid attention)
2. Archive (posts with personal stuff and thoughts)
3. Health and Fitness (because self-improvement starts from within)
4. Manly stuff (Stuff I found to be interested to men)
5. Psychology (Some posts with psychology in mind)

You can always browse the blog in the classic way.

Hope you find the posts insightful. Thank you for your support!

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I don’t have the comments opened for posts, at least for now. But you are welcome to say a word about the blog below.


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