App digitally removes makeup and women going crazy

A Russian developer (or a hacker, for the system’s purposes) made many women crazy because he ‘disabled’ their biggest weapon, their makeup. Continue reading “App digitally removes makeup and women going crazy”


Male Buzzfeed writers have low testosterone levels

Although I have already mentioned in an earlier article about testosterone, which plays an important role in the characteristics of a man or better in what distinguishes a man from the betas, it is interesting to look at the relevant examinations of some Buzzfeed’s male writers. Continue reading “Male Buzzfeed writers have low testosterone levels”

“Detox” products are a sham

As far as health is concerned, there is unfortunately no short road. For example, you can not lose weight by magic or fix some health troubles that have troubled you for years, overnight. This, however, does not stop companies from continuously advertising new dieting or detoxification products. In this post we will see another category of products to avoid, the detox products, which are in short fraud [1]. Continue reading ““Detox” products are a sham”

Bad Times at the Bachelorette Party

Some time ago I had written about the leaked stuff of Hollywood’s “ladies”, where we ‘fell from the clouds’ (?), when the company’s “pay a lot for something that is not worth it, as long as you say you have it” cloud system, turned out to be easy for hackers to access it and we’ve seen a lot of hidden secrets of the celebrities, mostly erotic stuff [1]. Continue reading “Bad Times at the Bachelorette Party”