Introduction to Pickup

What Pickup is

For someone who knows about it, it will surely have understood the purpose of the blog, but for someone who does not know what Pickup or self-improvement is, let’s first look at what we mean by Pickup.

As “Pickup” we refering to the technique where a man approaches unknown women for meeting/relationship/sex with her. Pickup (Pickup Artist or PUA) uses various proven techniques to reduce the defenses of women and thus achieve the PUA’s desired result.

Be aware, however, that this blog, unlike other similar blogs (or forums), works differently. I do not follow the classic PUA or community dating or even magazine/friends/acquaintances/women tips, but I follow my own views, which come out of my own experiences. So I can have a better understating if something I wrote about worked for me only or it can work for anyone else as well. Or I can see if something PUAs say is true or not and if it is worth mentioning it. So in a few words, what you will read here, you know that it has been tested a few times before I add it.

You will notice that it is generally referred to (and I mention it) as a “community”. The community is made up by people who call themselves “Pickup Artists” or PUA’s for short. Also this group is referred to as “Seduction Community” or “Dating Community” .

There are dozens of books about it, and there are also DVDs and the necessary seminars organized by these companies. There are also dozens of forums where everyone can communicate with others involved in the same sport (especially if your friends do not want to deal with this), exchange opinions and experiences and meet with other people in order to try infield these techniques.

Before Starting

The first thing a young person in this community has to understand is that learning Pickup is a process that takes time. You are about to begin to acquire skills, and only after some time in the “field” you will be able to do it with comfort and pleasure and have enjoyable encounters with women.

Many young people get into the game with the idea of ​​learning a line and/or a technique so they can pickup easily any woman they want, and this is it, they do not have to do anything else. This idea is also the recipe for the disaster, since things are not like that at all. To learn a technique, you have to try it in the field so that you start to learn through it and naturally comes out of it. Imagine reading techniques for kick boxing and then want to pick up a fight with a champion. This is how to learn the “game” or to become better at it, it takes time to learn about it like any other type of sport.

There are also many people who want to win only the girl they know and so they want a shortcut method to get them there. Here I say that they still have to learn some basic things that make a man stand out and to throw a woman you should be able to attract other women.

Getting Started

The hardest point is to have the courage to go out and approach random women, especially those who are beautiful, and eventually get to know them, especially if you have not done it again. The most likely thing is to get a negative reaction and get discouraged and think that you do not want to approach another woman again. You received some negative reaction and decided that this is not for you.

What you need to do is concentrate on improving yourself. Get out as often as you can, either with a company or yourself and focus on learning the game. Make it happen that you read and try it on you. Even if you are experienced, focus on your improvement. You can not control the behavior of others towards you and you should not worry about it.

Be patient. Do not wait in a few days to start doing something you do not have done before.