Fake PUAs

This page contains instructor/Pua information who are fake.

Fake Infield Videos

The following have been found to have fake infield videos.

Good Looking Looser
Tom Torero
Mystery (In the reality show “The Pickup Artist”, where in fact the actors or collaborators were his participants).
RSD (see below).


Something that has long been known, but there was no evidence. Recently some photos showed that their videos are set up, such as RSD Luke, Tyler, Julien, Todd and Madison. Read more here, and below, see how the “target” knows very well that there is a camera and tries to hide.

Gunwitch (Allen Robert Reyes), arrested because he shot a woman in the face, when she called him ugly upon his approach.

Roosh V
Roosh went to Ukraine and wrote a related book about the game and the women who had sex there. However, he interviewed by an Ukrainian channel (1st video) and confirmed that Roosh is fake (something similar happened in another show, 2nd video).

From the 5th minute of the 1st video (make sure you have the English subtitles enabled), the presenter brings two women to the deck, which Roosh had put on his site’s photos as women who had sex with. No one finally knew Roosh, and one of them wanted to sue for using her photos without her permission. There is another woman who has no interest in him, and he has tried to pick her up constantly.

Also, as someone who was with him in the clubs said, Roosh had found difficult times with the Ukrainian women, no matter what he wrote in his book.

He has been accused that his method was based on the theories of R. Don Steele’s books.

In shows that appeared did not show even the best of himself, as one of the “TOP” PUAs.

David De Angelo
DDA (Eben Pagan) is a salesperson and tries to do everything to have more sales/profits. The video below explains how he uses psychology to make him mislead the world for more sales. Also, although in his books he says that appearance and money play absolutely no part in attraction, at his sales seminar he said that you should have money to have women, and that his relationships have been met by Seminars.

Corey Wayne
He has copied Doc Love’s articles and the theories of Carlos Xuma, David Deida and Tony Robbins.

Daniel Blake και Ed Lopez
They were caught having models in their videos.

Justin Wayne
He has been caught searching for female models for the needs of his videos, while some photographs of women in his articles as a successful player were fake and some threatened him with lawsuits. He has turned off his blog and videos.

Adam Lyon’s newest coach Carey, Speer, James Marshall, Johnny Wolf and Vince Kelvin live on the KTLA Morning Show, “picking up” the host Jessica live.