Demolition Man Ante Portas

The latest tidings in Europe give me the impression that the Demolition Man not only predicted the future but also that our society is slowly starting to resemble that of the 2031 San Angeles. Continue reading “Demolition Man Ante Portas”


Male Buzzfeed writers have low testosterone levels

Although I have already mentioned in an earlier article about testosterone, which plays an important role in the characteristics of a man or better in what distinguishes a man from the betas, it is interesting to look at the relevant examinations of some Buzzfeed’s male writers. Continue reading “Male Buzzfeed writers have low testosterone levels”

Zombie Nation

Before Internet, low intelligent people, where their brain was under-functioning and they had it simply to meet the basic body’s needs, they could be distinguished from others easily and many people avoided them. They did not have a “voice”, and only anyone who was just as stupid as them, sat and exchanged views with them. And then came the internet. Continue reading “Zombie Nation”