Why Men Don’t Approach Women?

Although I have written again about the men who don’t approach women, women who are out for meeting men, the problem still exists and the truth is that the 99% of men do not approach women they’re interested. Continue reading “Why Men Don’t Approach Women?”


Silence! Do not speak!

In recent years and with the rapid rise of the internet (well, Facebook has contributed to it, since it has made every technologically irrelevant to want to get into the internet), there are various social groups that have taken on the role of the ‘dog catcher’ or the sheriff in their area and are trying to enforce their own law or take it in their hands sometimes. Continue reading “Silence! Do not speak!”

Bad Times at the Bachelorette Party

Some time ago I had written about the leaked stuff of Hollywood’s “ladies”, where we ‘fell from the clouds’ (?), when the company’s “pay a lot for something that is not worth it, as long as you say you have it” cloud system, turned out to be easy for hackers to access it and we’ve seen a lot of hidden secrets of the celebrities, mostly erotic stuff [1]. Continue reading “Bad Times at the Bachelorette Party”

My Opinion On ‘How to Become Fearless’ products

If there’s one thing I love from the Seduction/Pickup community, is that they always bring out and a new trend. 10 years ago it was the ‘indirect’ method or the pickup lines. Next, it was the ‘Direct’ method of ‘gaming’, to continue with a more direct method, like the ‘Mode One’, to skip this and go to more ‘Natural’ method and with time, more and more ‘aggressive’ methods are appearing. Continue reading “My Opinion On ‘How to Become Fearless’ products”