Demolition Man Ante Portas

The latest tidings in Europe give me the impression that the Demolition Man not only predicted the future but also that our society is slowly starting to resemble that of the 2031 San Angeles.

Note:Ante Portas meaning: “before the gates”

Demolition Man is a 1993 American science fiction comedy action film directed by Marco Brambilla in his directorial debut [1]. The film stars Sylvester Stallone as Sergeant John Spartan, Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix and Sandra Bullock as Lieutenant Lenina Huxley. The film was released in the United States on October 8, 1993 and tells the story of two men: an evil crime lord and a risk-taking police officer. Cryogenically frozen in 1996, they are restored to life in the year 2032 to find mainstream society changed and all crime seemingly eliminated.

The movie is a classic action movie of the ’90s and one of the first movies I saw (along with Terminator 2) when we bought the VHS and I remember it every time I read the latest news. I wrote a review of the movie here and I covered its predictions so I will skip this part.

In case you don’t have time to search/watch the movie, I have you covered…

Britain has passed a law that is not far from the San Angeles’ society [2]. According to this law, when someone does something that is not illegal under British law, but the victim or someone else believes it was motivated by prejudice or hate, then he is automatically punished with an offense.

If someone does something that isn’t a criminal offence but the victim, or anyone else, believes it was motivated by prejudice or hate, we would class this as a ‘hate incident’. Though what the perpetrator has done may not be against the law, their reasons for doing it are. This means it may be possible to charge them with an offence.

So we see that a society where everything will be an “insult” and hence must be punished, is being created. Two years ago, Mark Meechan (aka Count Dankula) uploaded a video in which he taught his girl’s dog to Nazi salute when he was saying “Gases for the Jews.” [3].

The police, of course, visited him and asked him to go to the police station. The reason? “Hate crime”. Mark Meechan spent the night in detention with immigrants, gays and Muslims. According to the Independent [4], his conviction sets a precedent for freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech will soon be a history, at least in Britain (and this is just the beginning). Recently a 19-year-old girl was found guilty of a “racist and offensive message in a public medium” because she shared in her instagram account a few lyrics from Snap Dogg’s I’m Trippin [5]. The girl said that she posted the lyrics after the death of a 13-year-old in a road accident in 2017, but the court had another opinion and she was given an eight-week community order, placed on an eight-week curfew and told to pay costs of £500 and an £85 victim surcharge.

We see a girl being punished for a song who she not write the lyrics and just she posted a track of a black rapper’s song (I do not know if it is related), which song was written and recorded in America (!). The lyrics she posted were “kill a snitch nigga, rob a rich nigga,” and she was punished because he used the ‘N word’ (aka “nigga”), a word that can not be used even by blacks. [6]

In general, the ‘N world’ (and especially the white people) have been somewhat obsessed with the word “nigga” [7], which the black people – at least between them – do not have. Ironic, right?

Kendrick Lamar calls out a white girl for rapping N-Word on stage. Watch now this, she singing HIS song, with him and many of the audience, they say the N-Word, but the rapper want to publicly humiliate her. So Kendrick wrote the lyrics, invited the fan to sing it but stopped her from using that word which he put in there himself. Nice, huh?

And, of course, it’s not far away when you should think twice about what you are commenting on social media, since a court in Switzerland has fined a man the equivalent of over $4,000 just for clicking the “like” button on what a judge said were defamatory Facebook comments. [8]

This may not be the case – yet – for America, but they have social network judges, who are more dangerous, judging from the suicide of the pornstars, or for the reaction caused from Shania Twain, who said she would have voted for Trump, to apologize soon after for being reckless [9].

So we see a tactic of weakening the people, straight out of Communist Russia. It is an unnatural way of thinking, imposed on the world by various government agencies, the press, businesses and other factors that motivate the mass. All these nonsense causes confusion among social groups and that is their purpose.

In a nutshell, even if you did not do anything illegal, they decide that your thoughts were “dirty” to be tolerated by the system, so you’re charged as if you did something illegal.

The question, however, is another, where all this will going? More tough penalties for “wrong thinking”? Criminalization of criticism towards the state? Special camps for ‘dissidents’ such as the underground people in Demolition Man? To give them to the “Sharia police”, which is now everywhere [10], for their exemplary punishment?

In the TV show “The Handmaid’s Tale”, we see that in the future there is a repressive religion in which women are treated like birth-giver machines, married too young in pre-arranged weddings, are covered from top to toe, have no rights to property, nor can they leave their home unaccompanied. The thieves are punished with amputation, the liars with their tongue cut, women who committed adultery are stoned to death, while homosexuals are hanged by the nearest tree. Thank God this is a FANTASY since in reality such a religion could not be spread without the funding of some sort of mischievous agenda.

Really, in the punishment of the 19-year-old with an increase in her penalty of £85 for the victim, who was the victim it this case and how he/she was victimized? Who will control what is right and what is wrong, since everything named as wrong?

This means that everyone, whenever he wants, can blame someone else as a racist and seek his punishment. Who can guarantee that tomorrow an illegal immigrant will not sue you for a racist attack and you will be punished with summary proceedings without even checking whether or not it actually happened?

Finally, who guarantees us that all these tactics are not for welcoming the Islam? How can a message like ‘Islam will take over the World’ to be considered as “hate message”, when religious Islamic leaders themselves say the same?

How is it possible to imprison the right-wing party leaders in Britain for “hate crimes” [11], when the British are experiencing much greater hatred from immigrants?

So if you are a French or a German or a British, you will soon not be allowed to raise objections to the decisions of your government, decisions intended to dismantle each nation, otherwise the police will come to your door “for your own sake”. You have to learn to accept what the media is telling you so to be not considered as “rebel” or “offender” and to have to move underground for the rest of your life as the “bad guys” of Demolition Man.

French policemen with… sprays, are not very different from those in demolition man

And the role of Simon Phoenix has already been found who will take it. The role of the John Spartan who will take it, when the inadequacy of the masculinity of European culture makes them unable to cope with the political and cultural chaos that has escalated in connection with rising immigration?

During the film we also see that Lenina Huxley, though superficially showing her compromise with her sterile world, deep inside she is attracted by the barbarian and real man John Spartan, and although in his first sexual “attacks”, she avoids him, in the end he seduces her. When most men in Europe are attacked for their masculinity and an attempt is made to dissolve every concept of manliness, Europe’s “Leninas” will find elsewhere their “barbarous Spartans”.

They try to fill the society with people who don’t care for the human life, who only respect powerful men, who seeing women as dogs, who steal and rape and hit the townspeople without mercy [12, 13, 14], while trying to silence society and its legitimate citizens with laws that cut them off every right to say their opinion or to resist to all this devastation of their country.

But there is hope, as the Hungarian Prime Minister says no to all this, [15, 16] while the Council of Europe threatens him with sanctions [16]. And the Dutch prime minister called him ‘shameless’. [17]

And the Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) scandal [18], where they have granted asylum to some 1,200 migrants in exchange for bribes [19]. Germany’s migration agency has been under scrutiny since the arrival of over one million refugees in 2015. Now imagine what is happening in all over Europe’s migration agencies and how many migrants -may- granted asylum in the same way.

Where are the organizations for the women’s rights here?

It is a madness that must stop. It is unfortunate that people accept what the media tells them and do not react or allow them to call them “fascists” when they object to what they consider to be absurd. The citizens of a country must not allow these people to control their society.