Jason Capital caught looking for models

There is no stop to the downfall of the community. Another day another dollar…

I confess my sin, I liked Jason. And I liked him not because I read anything by him and I was impressed, on the contrary, I have not seen any of his videos, nor have I read a book but I liked his style from what I watched on Youtube and I was thinking that maybe he supports his slogan, ‘America’s Honest Dating Coach’.

How better player to become? The chicks are waiting, but he is unreacted, like a tough bad boy.

And I say from what I saw, because the truth is that I did not really care to look for more about him, as I have said before, I do not care to mention any instructor unless it is serious, like Wayne for example. And the reason is that when I wrote about RSD, I received tons of hate emails and messages and I realized that you can’t hurt a fan’s heart.

Politician, company, football team or instructor, if someone is a fan of something, saying negative comments about this ‘something’, makes the fan feel like you say about him or his family and he react negatively.

Anything I wrote in previous articles, coming out as legit…

And I wasn’t wrong at all. The community got a bad reputation, just as I wrote it. One after another, the instructors coming out as fake, and the Pickup-lovers who stayed, stayed mainly because they wanted to belong to a group, and many instructors who was teaching “PICKUP GAME,” have now become “Dating Coaches”.

A few days ago, Jason was looking on craigslist for models for “LIFESTYLE photoshoot with millionaire author, motivational speaker, and success coach Jason Capital” [1]. Just when the storm from Justin Wayne has abated, we see another instructor getting on the scum train.

Just another one of his ‘professional’ photoshoots…

The model to be selected will receive 400 dollars for the photography. Not bad, isn’t it? $400 to do what you do on a daily basis (aka selfies, etc), without work for and without even having sex with Jason does not sound bad.