‘Super Seducer’ and feminism

I love when the technology meets Pickup. After the Infinity AR glasses and games such as Seduce Me: The Otome [1], it is time for a Pickup instructor to try his luck (and teach us a few tricks we may don’t know about). But, like every similar effort, feminists want this game to stop.

Super Seducer : How to Talk to Girls [3] created by PUA instructor Richard La Ruina (aka Gambler), a veteran in the PU community.

Despite Super Seducer being just an game about teaching men how to become better with women, game industry and feminists are against it [4]. So, where is now the “Men don’t approach” and “They do not know how to talk to us,” girls?

The problems began back in September, when the Kickstarter for Super Seducer was shut down due to ‘inappropriate content’, yet the game doesn’t have nudity or pornographic content in it.

After that, Sony blocked this from its online store [5, 6], while the most articles about it are not so positive [7, 8].

The game is something like an interactive movie and includes live-action videos in which gamers can choose different ways of communicating with women. Richard La Ruina will play on frequent scenes and comment on player choices. It’s like a bootcamp from your PC.

There was a similar game back in ’00s, where you played with Style at your side and he was helping you to success with girls in bars. But then there wasn’t this feminism craziness we have now. See the screenshot from the game below.