Daygame(.com) and The Mystery Method

Tom Torero (you may know him from, as he used to work for them, or from his fake in-field videos), in his latest podcast admits that the London Day Game model (LDG), which was formerly known as “The Day Game Blueprint” from, was a direct modification of the Mystery method.

Their method follows the same sequence as the M3 model, Attraction (A1-A3), Comfort (C1-C3) and Seduction (S1-S3) and they renamed most of its phrases.

In other words, they modified the Mystery method, to adapt it for day-game. They added some stuff, like cold stop, apologizing and direct compliments, mainly because in day-game you don’t have the time to do Mystery Method, so it had to be modified.

Even BadBoy, the ‘father’ of the Direct Method, use Mystery Method in day game…

This is something that may make you mad, if you believed in LDG and in the famous “Yad Opener”, which they supposedly developed by Yad and through trial and error. But this is not something rare to this ‘I-want-your-money’ community…

Listen to the podcast below