The horror movie that no one can finish it

The film, based on a real story, is more scary to its viewers than they can stand.

The limits of the fear seems to be beyond the Veronica movie, Netflix’s latest success. The movie is so frightening that viewers do not manage to see it all, as their twitter posts show during its screening.

Veronica [1] is placed in 1991 and refers to a teenager who uses an Ouija board during a solar eclipse to communicate with her dead loved one. The girl, cared for by her younger brothers, begins to feel the presence of evil forces in their home. Levitation and attack of objects, terrible sound effects and a creepy blind nun, make up the scene.

Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie 100% as “the most terrifying movie” based on true events [2]. According to Sun [3], the Madrid police were asked to investigate in 1992 the mysterious death of a young girl who died after a game with the Ouija board, better known as a table of spirits. The case has never been cleared.

Some of the most characteristic reactions of those who wanted to see it: