Watch the movie that was rejected because it had many crosses and white people

The EU judging panel rejected [1] the submission of Székesfehérvár’s [2] debut film as part of the application to become European Capital of Culture for a strange reason: “There are plenty of happy white people and crosses, and not enough immigrants“.

The city’s film was created for the “Székesfehérvár Full of Life” [3] competition to become European Capital of Culture [4] and its video on Youtube has several thousand views and many positive comments.

The film shows how Europe should be, but it does not seem to have liked by some people who may have other plans for Europe.

One of the “experts” of the European Union even said it was a propaganda for the white Christian Europe because “Everybody is white, happy and dancing on the streets“.

The mayor also recalled the criticism made by the film commission for Sekesfehervar: “They got out of the film the poor and the immigrants, but at the same time there were too many crosses, churches, and even worse the attitude in the city because they considered it worth it.

Watch the video and make your own conclusions…