Canada decided to change the lyrics of the national anthem for “neutral” reasons!!

Could Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier (1839-1920), a Canadian poet and a judge [1], who wrote the Canadian National Anthem in 1880, ever imagine that in 2018, the Senate of Canada would decide that as of February 1, 2018, all the lyrics referring to the male sex will change for gender neutral? [2]

“All thy sons” will soon be replaced with “all of us”.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, did what would have been unthinkable in every human mind and the laws of literature: Changing the words of a poem written in 1880 to avoid sexist, racist and homosexuality and this received with enthusiasm in the various gay communities is indescribable.

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau works the crowd during Toronto’s Pride Parade on Sunday, June 28, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

The “O Canada” poem is the Canadian national anthem and the change of its lyrics is a vandalism and an insult to art. The anthem has the words «True patriot love in all thy sons command», and with a low, it will be «in all of us».

In English, the word “all” is neutral and therefore fully satisfies the Senate’s anti-racist ideals since it does not harm any sexual preference, and in Canada they are advanced to these preferences.

The Supreme Court of Canada (June 2016) has decided that sex with animals is legitimate, as long as there is no penetration of sexual tools or other objects [3]. Yeah, to have sex with animals it’s sounds ‘safer’ than hearing the word ‘sons’ from a national anthem!

Friedrich Engels wrote to Karl Marx, almost 150 years ago, in June 1869, among other things that [4, 5]:

The pederasts [homosexual pedophiles] are beginning to count themselves and discover that they are a power in the state […] ‘Guerre aux cons, paix aux trous-de-cul’ [War to the cunts, peace to the assholes] will now be the slogan. It is a bit of luck that we, personally, are too old to have to fear that, when this party wins, we shall have to pay physical tribute to the victors. But the younger generation!

Let’s wait for the time they will call us “pedophobes”, as they will trying to defend pedophiles, except for homophobes! Do the heterosexuals have the right of their “pride”?