RooshV Admits Game Getting Harder

In this video, RooshV talks about the game and admits that game is getting harder due to social media and the unlimited attention women get from thirsty beta males and white knights.

About 6 years ago I wrote about it and the dangers social media brings to the game. And we are not wrong.

Take clubs for example. Clubs have been dying. And the same goes with Day Game. Today and due to hordes of Africans and Middle Easterners in cities, women are afraid to stop and talk to strangers. Thus, society tries to put a brake on game.

Look at France for example. Whistling at women and asking for phone number could cost you €350 [1]. And this is something Britain did a few years ago.

And this is not a problem that is new. Women don’t like strangers to approach them, especially if they don’t give them a sing to approach. This is something PUAs don’t talk about, because it does harm to their business. Consider this, next time you want to try this ‘fancy technic’. If women want to be approached by random guys, especially from ugly guys, then why so many instructors hiring models for their videos? Why so many ‘experts’ trying to take the best photos to put to their profiles? Why they are trying to look at their best? I thought that women do not care about appearance, only confidence.

Even this guy, who claims that he has a lot of positive results on Tinder, has problems on street game. This is the reason why so many ‘instructors’ turn their efforts on Tinder game and they abandoned Day/Night game.

One of the biggest problems is the attention women get from social media. There are a lot of guys, betas in particular, who could try anything to get attention from a beautiful woman and women know this well. So they understand that in today’s society, women have more power than men and this is our fault.

Women don’t care about appearance #1

So, women today can choose among many men. Men have a huge competition and this is a problem for the new guys to Pickup, they can’t find lot of women to practice their game. But this is a problem also to men who are not very attractive. There are so many people online good looking and with great body, that women don’t have time to spend with guys low on attractiveness scale. It’s just a swipe away to the next good looking guy.

Women don’t care about appearance #2

So, Facebook, Tinder and other social media, killed the ‘Game’. Not the sex or the dating, but the traditional game. Our lives are changing faster than few decades ago, mainly due to technology. I don’t know if you agree or not with Roosh, but I believe that indeed, game is now harder than ever before. Women constantly looking on their phones, chatting with men every day, and can arrange dates with many men in a week. So, you have to have a very strong game in order to have success.