Lewis Hamilton slammed because he commented to his nephew for wearing princess dress

I really enjoy Social Media and the court that is set upon them. And I also like very much when people, who love social networks and spend much time updating their accounts, paying somehow their love for them and their “followers”, such as Lewis Hamilton.

What Lewis did and the crowd has stirred up for days, which crowd have had other more serious concerns, such as women who upload naked pictures to social media (and later condemning men as sexists when they comment on their body or “crying” that men see them only as sexual objects), but also to share photos of Christmas trees and such?

He visited his nephew, who was happy about a princess dress he received as a gift for the holidays, and told him that the men did not wear such things [1].

First, the reaction came from the Mass Media. Mass media tagged this as ‘NOT ACCEPTABLE’ and they commented negatively on Lewis. So, according to the media, telling his nephew, now watch this, not to an unknown boy on the streets but his nephew, “boys do not wear princess dresses“, it’s degrading and bullying.

As it is easy to understood, the reaction of the world was bigger, as the Mass Media and the reaction of the people (the way Mass Media wants) has a relationship that has been holding for years now and will not change because people just like to be their ‘slave’.

So, it was a jolt, since most of the people who watched the video asked Hamilton to apologize to the young child while he was forced to download the video and make a series of posts where he apologized for his bad behavior.

And if he did not do this, the “curses” of the people would not stop, as it happened with the pornstar Mercedes Grabowski (aka August Ames) [2], when she said that she didn’t want to work with people who also perform in gay porn, due to health concerns and bullied by social justice warriors on social media, resulting her suicide, or Jenna Jameson [3], who got the same reaction from people, when she commented on Playboy’s choice to have a trans on its cover.

So we can see that the lobby and the LGBTQ community in general is very strong, which community has even assumed a judge role on social media.

The above incident happened in Britain, which is known for its “experiments” on promoting homosexuality in schools, perhaps because children are the tomorrow’s citizens who have to “hack” their minds, perhaps because if the children want something, parents will follow, perhaps because children are the easiest target, copying what they see, perhaps because there is a plan behind the scenes.

Come on, they don’t push the kids at homosexuality, you are wrong…

Of course, other countries, such as Brazil, have been doing this for years, as the government has been promoting a relevant law (PLC 122/2006) against “homophobia” even in schools. In fact, this law will prohibit any kind of “bad talk,” irony, commentary, moral, religious, philosophical and even medical opinion against homosexual lifestyle, with imprisonment, while posters with kissed children are placed everywhere.

And even the french embassy in Croatia finances this booklet for children. It seems that Balkan people are getting the bitter taste of democracy.

Of course, this homosexual push does not leave other areas of education out of the way, such as the Pennsylvania State University sociology professor, Anne DeLessio-Parson [4], which says that meat consumption is linked to “hegemonic masculinity” and that it helps to taste other hierarchies of authority [5].

To study the relationship between masculinity and meat, Anne DeLessio-Parson spoke to 23 vegetarians living in Argentina, finding that vegetarianism itself is a political act. Her study was posted in the Journal of Feminist Geography [7].