Linx #8

Another article with some news and opinions collected.

Pique won Shakira with a question for the weather

You can sometimes get stuck on how to break the ice with a girl and what message to send to her, but as you will see, sometimes the simplest question may be the beginning of a relationship.

The Pique for example, he took the Shakira’s number in their meeting [1], the -later- asked about the weather in South Africa, since she was already there and he would arrive a few days later. She analyzed it in the slightest detail at the time, he replied, and the rest is history.

However, something they do not tell in the articles sharing this, is that -in my opinion- Shakira already liked him, so she sat down to analyze the weather. If she didn’t like him, she would not give him her phone number or even if she gave it, she would answer with something “nice” and would not give him the “push” to continue.

The new generation does not have the passion to go out

In a previous article, I wrote that the night game is “dying” and that in the clubs you do not see the people you’ve seen before. That’s why I had accused both the economic crisis and the fact that the times have changed, people now prefer to stay home, see Netflix-type services, “get high” on Facebook and do other “weird” stuff, while being away from sex, and now the clubs and bars have more men than women, mostly alone men or players who want to meet women.

According to Vice, clubbing is heading towards the end for today’s 17-year-olds [2]. “They’re the greatest generation—of couch potatoes,” is how the New York Post, in one of the most amazing articles ever written, describes millennials [3].

Of course people will continue going out, but not like the previous generations. This maybe is because our tastes changed, or because the economic crisis will make us to have money only for living and paying the internet bill or because the older generations had nothing to do as a hobby and have been out all day.

Stay away from social “nets”

You may have read me to refer the social networks as “nets” and often to write in a very negative way about, but the reason is not that I fear the technology and the service they provide us, but because such activities affect us psychologically [4], (you see others going out and have fun, while they uploading their lives on the internet, and if you do not have the same life, this can make you feel bad).

Soon our lives and our memories will be judged by how many likes they have in social “nets”…

And, according to a new study [5], the many hours that young people are going through their mobile screens may have serious side effects, especially to young girls, according to the book “iGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy” by Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University. Looking at surveys nationwide, with data for over 500,000 teenagers in the US, Twenge found that those who spend more time on networks -using for example on their mobile Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram- are much more likely to agree with comments like “My future seems often hopeless” or “I feel like I can not do anything right“.

And when the Fabebook comes out and tells you that its use could be detrimental to the health of its users [6], while a former Facebook’s executive told us that they are programming us through social “nets” and, thanks to social “nets”, bad actors can manipulate large groups of people [6], you understand where the thing is going.

We have to go out with our friends twice a week!

This is what the researchers found, headed by Robin Dunbar, a psychologist and director of Oxfordshire’s Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience research team, getting out for some beers is good for their health. It is recommended to do this at least twice a week [8].

Pickup is the best bet

The amounts of money charged by instructors to teach you the ‘secrets of the seduction’ are already known. And of course it is understood that Kezia Noble is not a sucker to stay out of this party, she’s beautiful, she’s persuasive, she saw money on the issue, so from a former model, she became an Pickup instructor, and earns around 4,450 euros per week [8].

Finding desperate men, ready for everything, is easy. See, for example, Fiona Bloom, who wanted to install an air conditioner and asked herself ‘where to find a victim’? In Tinder of course, where several were offered [10].

This is Fiona Bloom. If she can find someone to make her chores easy, imagine now a younger and beautiful girl what power has in her hands (or in her legs, depends on how you see it) [Photo: Stefano Giovannini, Via NY Post]

So, if you tell someone that you can make him a god of love, in a very short time, just by saying simple theories of the style “Women want this” and “do that because you are the man” and then he, instantly, as by magic, will become the ultimate fetish of women, you can easily convince him to give you easily his money. That’s why Kezia Noble charges 300 pounds per hour, because she speaks well.

I’m wondering, someone who went to one of these female instructors, did he tried to apply their advice to them? So to test what’s Kezia teaches, on her. He could end up having sex with Kezia, if the system works of course, and see if his 300 pounds money well invested.