Pickup Decoded is the reason why you shouldn’t trust a PUA

I have write for many Pickup instructors who are fake. In this post we will see another fake instructor and this time is Frank Haro (Frank nightgame from pickup decoded).

This is the reason why you shouldn’t trust a PUA, a “shiny” channel with lots of videos and lots of “infield” scenes.

Please note that the post below is from hotseattribe on Reddit and it is not mine. [1]

Hotseattribe has some proof that Frank Haro is fake coach and scammer (his words). Below is his post. Click the link [1] to view more about this.

Frank Haro (pickup decoded) Youtube channel is being deleted…

Finding Frank’s youtube channel is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me since I got into game. I found him and liked some of his videos, he seemed to be a trust worthy and honest guy, or that’s what he presented himself to be. After going thru many videos, and watching him “supposedly expose RSD”, I thought this is an honest guy I would like to learn from. But guess I was wrong, probably found the most fake guy in the npick up industry (I have to admit he is very good at putting the trust worthy guru mask). Today, I’m going to unmask Franknightgame. A person who has no “Integrity” and “Honesty”.

So this is the story… I paid to take a Bootcamp with him. First I hit him up at his personal phone, we talked and he was very nice and attentive to me (only while trying to sell me on a bootcamp), after talking to him a couple times, I was sold on a bootcamp with him (how stupid I am haha). He said to make a deposit, It took me less than 5 minutes and I sent him the money thru venmo as he said to do so (Up to that point he was the most responsive person). I was almost pretty sure I was going to be able to take the bootcamp and did everything to try to make it happen. A few weeks later for personal reasons and shit that happens in life, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to take the bootcamp. I contacted Frank (after being very attentive, this is where he went very cold on me), I told him I wasn’t going to be able to take the bootcamp, after that he did not reply (before he would reply a minute or so after I texted him), messaged him a couple days later and told him I had requested the deposit payment I had made for the reservation through Venmo (Money transfers are instant there), he did reply, and told me “he would call me sometime next week to talk”, told him “it was okay but I would still need the money back”. He never called as he said he would and also did not reply back. I texted him a few days later, asking him when I could expect the refund on my deposit. He personally told me 30 days from the day received.

He tried getting me to lean the payment into skype coaching. I told him I was just going to proceed with the refund. he replied “ok will do so”. So I went a few weeks with out worries and no contact, I knew I wasn’t going to get my money for the time he said, I texted him a few days after I thought I would have my money back, he did reply but told me “I would get it on the 30th day from when I requested the refund” (I thought it would be from when I made the payment). I did get a little frustrated because it never takes that long to process a refund, but accepted in my mind I would have to wait a little bit more to get my money. So days passed… I texted him a couple days after the 30th day had past because I was surprised I didn’t get the money as he said I would, got no response from him at all, a couple days later after not hearing from him I tried calling him a few times, he never answered his phone nor tried calling back later. Left him a text asking when I would have my money and if I could please get a response from him. He replied and said “on Monday”, I waited patiently and Monday came through and I did not receive my money or nothing from him, I did text him at the end of the day telling him “I would really appreciate my money back today” I got no response from him whats so ever (I really did need the money, I’ve been going through a hard time lately and I’ve waited long enough). I did get frustrated not hearing back from him and sent him some other texts in the following days, he finally replied saying he sent the money already, to let it process for 1-2 days to get it (wtf, venmo’s money transfers are instant, money doesn’t need to process there, when I sent the money it took me less than 5 minutes to send it and he got it instantly).

Many days have passed and I still didn’t receive the money he supposedly already sent. I’ve been very patient with this fake guy, and I know it just takes a minute to make the transfer and me to get the money through venmo, that’s what it took me to send the money right after he told me to do it back when I did the deposit. And even knowing how fast it is for him to send the money, I accepted to wait the 30 days he said, but way more than 30 days have passed, and every time he says another day, that day comes and nothing not even a response, text or call… he has no integrity and is not a man of his word, or even has the shame to answer the texts. I have to say this again… It took me less than 5 minutes to send him the money, and now 2 months later and I can’t get my money back, what sucks is at this time I could really use that money, currently going through a hard time. Before this I thought this guy was different and trustworthy and that’s what made me contact him in the first place, I deposit my full trust in him, I thought he was a person of integrity and that’s why I was going to do a bootcamp with him, but I guess that’s just his fake front.

Update: Since his last text, that was weeks ago, when he supposedly sent the money back, He has not replied deleted me on FB, and delets my comments on youtube when I try to expose him. I will continue to expose him through a video with all the proof I have, and online. Be careful guys! On which coaches you trust, most of them don’t care about their clients, they just care about the money. They want to get rich at the expense of others, that phrase he uses keeps coming to my head “Look beyond the surface”. I didn’t look beyond his scam mask, trusted him and here I am now. 😦

P.S. Sorry for my bad grammar and bad English, I’m learning. Peace to you all, wish all of you the best.

Update: He blocked my number after I called and told him I would proceed to legal action if he did not return my money. Last thing he said was: “You can do what ever you want, I already have the money there’s nothing you can do about it. Just drop off.” Fuckin scammer! I can’t believe I even trusted this guy, makes me question the whole community, you can’t trust no one now days. Most of this guys only care about money and themselves.