App digitally removes makeup and women going crazy

A Russian developer (or a hacker, for the system’s purposes) made many women crazy because he ‘disabled’ their biggest weapon, their makeup.

And I’m saying their biggest weapon, because for most women their appearance is their biggest trump card, they have nothing more to show, although their appearance does not really impress me, it is not what which will make me fall in love for a woman, but I’m looking and in other things in her.

So this Russian created an app [1], which digitally removes makeup from the photos, so you can see how a woman really is without it.

No more this ‘morning horror’ of how a woman who you met will be without her makeup, you will now be able to see how she’s like without it, simply by using this app.

Of course, women do not like this app -or anything like this, especially those who want the man “authentic” and “real”. You see, the bigger the fake chest and their fake ass is, the more sincere and real they want the man who approaches them.

And of course, the app got many negative articles, while they already “tagged” the developer.

And the same is happening at the comments on the program page in app stores.

Here it should be noted that the program in not perfect and certainly can not show how a woman without makeup really is, but I think it is good enough. Below are some other images from the program and we can see how the real beauty do not need any makeup, like Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson.

All the images below are from informationliberation (Link #1).