Silence! Do not speak!

In recent years and with the rapid rise of the internet (well, Facebook has contributed to it, since it has made every technologically irrelevant to want to get into the internet), there are various social groups that have taken on the role of the ‘dog catcher’ or the sheriff in their area and are trying to enforce their own law or take it in their hands sometimes.

We have reached a point where telling your opinion, especially in social “nets”, is a move that you have to think twice before you do.

Take for example the pornstar Mercedes Grabowski (aka August Ames). She announced her refusal to do porn scenes with gay porn actors, citing what she claimed was a higher likelihood of contracting HIV [1], to launch a new civil war on the keyboards of each brainless.

So the new Robin Hoods were out, the people who are making endless refreshes in their browser, so the can spot every ‘problem’ and they are ready to “lynch” anyone who has a different opinion from them. The result was she bullied by social justice warriors on social media.

And the same goes and for people who are against this forced immigration, you are not allowed to tell your opinion, if your opinion is not ‘approved’ by the social court.

The same goes for your view of the sexes, they are trying to convince us that there are more than two. You will not be able to tell your opinion about the sexual “peculiarities” that you will see around you if you do not like the view. They will treat you as a racist, fascist, or any other tag, as long as they crush you. And if you tell that a woman is fat, then you should wait for the most hate emails and messages you’ve ever received in your life.

For 2017, I want to have the power of Kim’s leggings (No, you can’t tell any negative on this, only positive comments, otherwise the social justice warriors will come)

Because the system consider it as stupid to go to worship in a church on what you believe or respect, it seems stupid to not accept illegal immigrants, not to accept people with different sexual preferences than normal, but considers it right a 10-year-old child who his parents dressed as a drag queen.

The system wants a sterile world where everyone will accept everything without the slightest reaction, as was the case with Demolition Man (1993) [3]. And you can not say anything that stands against the system, such as a priest from Spain who they want to imprison because he said that “homosexuality is a sin” [4], while Google has dismissed an employee because he said that men are superior to women in technology [5].

Of course learning children how to use dildos is not bad for being censored…

And the best of all you know who it is? That with the power of the Facebook and the dominance of idiots in it (yes, there are more, we have lost this war bros), they can damage your reputation or your physical integrity with a simple post. If you get in their eyes for something you said or did before, they can punish you as and when they want.

Nowadays, it is dangerous to be against the many. It is dangerous to be with the “others”.

So do not talk. Do not judge anything that you think is different. Be afraid of the image you will show on social networks. Accept everything they serve you as positive and real. Be afraid to say your point of view, because you do not want to go against the “others” as they will ‘hunt’ you at the “social nets”.

But if, in a few years, illegal immigrants enter your home and you can not take them out, because the law he will turn a blind eye, remember that you didn’t speak when you had to and accepted everything.

If an immigrant beat you or rape your wife, remember that years ago you had fear to say your opinion and/or your opposition.

If your child/girlfriend/wife get hit by the men of the Islamic Police (as is the case in progressive Sweden, for example [5]), because she is dressed in “forbidden” clothes, then explain to her that all this it’s and your fault.

If your child tomorrow is raped by a rapist, and you will not be able to do anything with the law’s help, because the system’s attempts to overcome any anomaly and perversion as a psychological problem will result in him leaving free, explain to him that you also put your stone in all this and unwillingly, you let this all be created.

From fear of being racist, backward or fascist.