Bald men are more attractive, according to study

Hair loss is a curse for men, mainly because they lose their self-confidence in addition to their hair. Many men are trying to recover their lost hair with various treatments, but they fall into fraudsters that promise immediate results, while hair transplantation solutions are expensive. And yet, according to a new study, bald men are viewed as more confident, dominant and taller [1, 2].

Although this is not something new, as a few years ago Jason Statham was voted as the most masculine man of the UK, defeating names like David Beckham and Gerard Butler [3].

The study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, asked men and women to rate male photos in terms of attractiveness, confidence and dominance.

In some of the photos, they had added baldness digitally to men who had no problem with hair loss.

As a result, the bald men voted as more manly and more confident, while at the same time they viewed taller.

Michael Chiklis in the TV series ‘The Shield’ was one of the toughest types of TV and perhaps helped (along with Vin Diesel and Jason Statham) to get bald men to viewed as more dominant

And the growing trend for men to debut bald heads or shave off their head is popping up all over Hollywood too [4].

Perhaps this is a good reason for men to stop being anxious about their hair loss and stop viewing -expensive- hair transplantation as the only solution.


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