Tom Cruise Returns in Top Gun

It’s been 31 years since Maverick Flew to the “Danger Zone” and now Tom Cruise says he’s ready to do it again…

Top Gun fans around the world have been waiting for a sequel to the 80s hit movie [1], and although there were rumors about the second movie [2], Tom Cruise confirmed that the talks on the follow-up to the Top Gun have come to an end, and he is sure he will soon get into the cinema and start filming, with the hope that the movie will probably hit cinemas in 2019 [3].

Top Gun is a romantic action drama movie that was released in 1986 and it was instantly a hit. The Pickup community use many times this movie as a reference to many things (confidence, wingman etc.)

The announcement made it in the Australian television “Sunrise” morning news broadcast [4], where Tom Cruise said that shooting would probably start in the next year.