Netflix bans ‘The Red Pill’ movie

Netflix, the well-known streaming service of movies and series, recently refused to stream the documentary film ‘The Red Pill’, which has to do with men’s rights.

Yes, the men’s rights, which are being smashed faster than our forests (or our labor rights, and here I do not know whether we should laugh or cry). And if you read the blog regularly and you did not come here through a search engine, you will remember that I have written earlier that in a few years, saying with proud that you are white and man, will put you in a hunt similar to that of the witches in 1500 [1].

“The Red Pill” (RP) is a documentary that shows the men’s rights as well as the problems they face today, such as suicide, dangerous work, false rape, the problems men face when they divorce (children, diet etc), inequalities, hatred against men, etc. [2].

Netflix, however, refused to show the film for unspecified reasons so far and is definitely a mysterious decision. And along with Netflix and other theaters and cinemas, they decided not to show it [3].

However, their decision may have to do with the fact that many feminists (today’s society cancer) have risen up against the RP and have decided to protest by talking about misogynist material.

Indeed, in an interview with some protesters (Link #3), one woman said that RP is misogynist and should not be promoted, regardless of the fact that she didn’t watch the entire movie but some scenes, while another woman said that “the men can hurt, but society should not hear their pain. We honor the woman’s life more than we honor the life of a man” [4].

The film, however, seems to be going well on Youtube, which, if you know, it also has a pay-per-view system with movies, music and series. Many other streaming platforms have also decided to show it [5].

However, you can find the movie from the “known” sites. See the trailer below.