How the Sweden “helps” the refugees to come in contact with the Swedes!

After the recent terrorist attack [1], Sweden is trying to find ways to promote the integration of immigrants. As part of this effort, a Swedish municipality decided to mix unaccompanied refugee children with the girls in the local horse riding group.

The municipality of Tierp has launched a program aimed at boosting the integration of newcomers by offering free-of-charge courses in equestrianism [2]. The majority of riders will be unaccompanied refugees children, but all the migrants will be allowed to participate.

The general idea is that the foreign-born and native Swedes should get to know each other in a natural way. It works great here and the interest is very big,” project manager Emma Andersson told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet [3].

This is the beginning of the Europe’s end.

This is not the first time we heard something like this. For example, in Finland, the migrant men pose with Pre-Teen girls on social media [4].

And the families’ response was depraved indifference, as some of them said “they are just friends, it’s normal for adult guys to call young girls beautiful and tell them they love them.”

Don’t worry, they are just friends…

Or, as one mother said, “That’s pretty normal for adult males to hanging out with 13 [year old] girls”.

Meanwhile in Pakist…, sorry, I mean in Finland (I hope this is fake)…

As you can see, more and more countries promoting (or forcing) the integration of immigrants with their citizens, mainly with women, because women can born babies (Mulatto [5]) and the majority of immigrants are men [6, 7].

This is the beginning of the destruction of the white race. In the next few decades and if this madness continue, among with the increasing of the gay or womanish men, then the newborn babies will be all mulattoes.