Do women really go for ‘bad boys’?

“Women always go for the bad boys” and “Nice guys finish last” are some of the beliefs in dating communities. And even sometimes those beliefs are true, more and more studies are shown that you don’t have to act like a criminal in order to get more women.

Contrary to what most people believe, most research shows that men and women are more attracted to good than selfish people. The Psych2Go video below presents just a few studies that reinforce this perception and linking altruism with sexual activity.

In a survey conducted by the Guelph and Nipissing Universities, surveys asked 800 people about their sexual history and their tendency to altruism, either in terms of charity, by random acts of kindness, or by giving blood.

The result? The altruists seem to have had more success in dating and sex than their selfish “rivals”.

But this doesn’t mean that the altruism itself can get you more women. If you are already a “nice guy”, doing good actions can’t get you out of the friend zone. You have to work more on yourself to be a guy that gets a lot of women, without acting like a Homo Neaterdal.


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