The coffee you are drinking may not be 100% coffee

We live in a society that consists of fake news [1], fake medical studies [2], doctors with fake degrees [3], who work with companies to promote their medicines [4], fake rice and eggs ‘Made in China’ [5], and much more, which you may read about while drinking a cup of your favorite coffee. And even that coffee may be… fake too.

Coffee is a beverage that is a major source of profit for companies and stores. Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day [7], while tens of millions of small producers in developing countries make their living growing coffee [7]. World coffee exports amounted to 10.72 million bags in March 2017, compared with 10.94 million in March 2016 [8]. However, there is a problem and is the shortage of the coffee.

According to reports [9], there is a shortage of coffee in Brazil and Central America [10], which is mainly due to the climate. This, of course, creates, in addition to increased prices [11], and a lack of the product.

In order to keep their prices low and keep serving the huge demand for coffee, the producers started to add various “goodies” to their blends.

So it’s very likely that the ground coffee you buy includes, in addition to coffee, the following additives:
Wheat, barley, rye, soy, rice, brown sugar and starchy starch [12, 13].

It may also contain: corn, wood, shells and tree branches to cover the lack of coffee beans [14, 15].

A way to see if your favorite coffee brand contains additives in the blend and does not give you pure coffee, does not exist, once the coffee has been grounded and blended, unless you put the blend under the microscope [16, 17] with methods which so far are only available in laboratories [18, 19].

The only way to be sure about the coffee you are drinking, but also to drink better coffee, is to bake the grains yourself. And before you start imagining for special workshops and people with white robes to analyze the grains, I can tell you that many people use their own machines to roast the coffee beans (me too), even with cheap pop-corn machines [20].

Besides being cheaper to buy raw coffee beans, you can find different varieties of coffee. Also, the aroma of roasted coffee is unique, while you always drink fresh coffee, since you roast the quantity you want.


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