Day Game Soon Will be Past in Britain

You are on a busy street in London, ready to show off to innocent chicks your skills. You see a very attractive girl, but something inside you doubts about the approach or the result. If you are not sure, do nothing, because soon approaching random women will be an offense in Britain.


This is because Nottingham’s police will record the random approaches to unknown women [1], taking pictures (this is and for PUAs with “hidden” cameras), the random messages on the mobile phone, or even verbal “attacks” (u know, whistles and more) and will place them in the same category as hate crimes and racist attacks.

Could this happen and in other places? You may think that it couldn’t happen, but I think it will be in the news more frequent in the future.

So many women have started to complain lately that stalkers have been increased, those who watch lonely women for hours (young women preferably, because if the women were old, you would say they were thief) or approach them with a strange behavior (‘brutal-my-a$$’ type of game).

Although people may think that they are either rapists or thieves, we should not forget that they may be “PUAz”, at least some of them.

Because DayGame has grown a lot, and of course, there are many people who love the… caveman type of game in DayGame (with an awful style but that’s not the case here), and those who follow them for a while, because they simply do not want or are afraid to “open” her in front of a lot people.

Something like this, however, brings bad impressions on women. And 1-2 incidents may not be an issue, but as many new players are entering the scene, the incidents are also increasing. And if you think some people choose to “open” them in a quiet street, following them until there, you understand what’s going on.

It therefore deserves attention. The bogus (those who try to imitate everything the see on internet with the logic that after being on the internet, it must be true) will ‘burn’ the game. I believe that in the near future we will see major changes in DayGame.