Zombie Nation

Before Internet, low intelligent people, where their brain was under-functioning and they had it simply to meet the basic body’s needs, they could be distinguished from others easily and many people avoided them. They did not have a “voice”, and only anyone who was just as stupid as them, sat and exchanged views with them. And then came the internet.

Internet, this wonderful tool, is a terrific achievement of technology. It has managed to zero distances, bring immediate contact to the world that no one could imagine that one day this can be done, to connect people from around the world, where they can exchange information, opinions and ideas and solve problems, while it gives us infinite knowledge within a few seconds.

But internet gave the chance to every no brain chap to have an opinion, to write anything they want, and gave cunning people the chance to find easy victims.

So, if you connect regularly to the internet, you may have noticed so much stupidity that has never happened again in history. And especially on Facebook you can find so much stupidity in one place, so you do not have to look elsewhere.

The problem, however, is not the stupidity and how many sheep are connected to social media, forums or groups. The point is that these sheep are so vicious that everyone can manipulate them very easily to their advantage. Never before in history has there been such a powerful tool of manipulating the mass, to the point where the people at TV with their brainwashing techniques are ‘crying’ because they did not have it before.

It has been difficult for me to accept, when these social networks first started, how easily hundreds of people can be manipulated. Now things are in their way and I know that there is no return, the cunning people (or the smart) will manipulate the idiots without lift a finger, just with a few clicks from their PCs.

A while ago, one of my favorite channels on Youtube was forced to close when, after a review he made on a product where the man was telling his point of view (which was the reality by the way) that came against in most of those “I-get-paid-to-write-reviews” columnists, they attacked him by sending dozens of sheep to do their job, saying bad words to him (!), his mother (!!), and his wife (!!!). And most of them were under 18, so you understand what zombies the society will have in the future.

Meanwhile at society…

For “shepherds”, is very easy now. They just give people a bit of emotion and especially drama, where especially on women will have a much better result. And where women go, men follows.

Don’t believe anything you see on TV…

Of course we should mention the fans of companies who are able to wait for hours in the queue to get their latest – hyped – product, while we should not forget and those who think “going out” means “I should check in on Facebook to show that I was here too”. For them, it only matters to show to everyone that they visited this ‘new club’.

If you are old enough, you may remember the Millennium bug, where everyone feared that the world will be destroyed. And if you say that at that time most people did not had internet, what about the “fans” of the different theories, like recently where, because some were afraid of “21/12/2012,” they committed suicide?

Generally, the predictions are honored by the world. Leaving the Mayans and other cultures, surpassing Nostradamus who “saw” everything, where in every reprint of his books, they adding and a few new “predictions”, various Saints and their “predictions” are now the new trend.

Various “experiments” have been made occasionally analyzing social manipulation. Perhaps I am wrong, but in my opinion many of them are being watched by companies that build their next products or advertisements on their analyzes. It is no coincidence that we have this “need” for every new product and gadget, a need people didn’t have decades ago. And when products like Smartwatches selling like hotcakes, you understand that companies are doing their job well.

But none of them reached the success of Pokemon Go. It’s so much a frenzy that caught the world with this game, seeing people look at their cell phone and walk like zombies, to the point you do not know if they’re actually drunk or just chasing Pokemon. Indeed, some of them are so busy, to the point where the State Department’s briefing was discontinued because a journalist was playing Pokemon Go, while others crossed the border without understanding, and in Japan this mania sent about 700 people to the hospital.

And do not be misunderstood, I do not blame those who play games or the Pokemon Go or they use social media, which sometimes is extremely useful.

If you are a child, or adult and play with your children or your girlfriend, it is good. But if you are 35+ years old and you chase the Pokemon even in your toilet, then you may have a problem.

Let me say here that this article does not concern a tip or a solution, because there is no solution, much more is food for thought. I will not say the classic “go out and meet people/women”, “these stuff are for children” etc, everyone is free to buy what he wants and do what he wants and if he wants to change something on himself, he should change it on his own and not because someone says it.

But I will give my advice in a language that young people understand well. It is good to “logout” from time to time from all of these bullshits, maybe even “unistall” the gadgets and devices that you no really need. Also do not make these golden boys of the companies richer, do not let them tell you what you need and do not be happy if you finally entered in a famous club, but they only let you sit near the W.C. Have selfishness, don’t let them push you around.

If you have very young children, either yours or your family, do not let them come in contact with tablets and mobiles just to have them sit quietly for a while. I see kids of 4 years old to watch for hours these devices so their parents can talk quietly at the cafeteria. And if you can not save their minds, because those “hungry for brain cells cannibals” are lurking everywhere and can penetrate into someone’s mind and brainwash him in a lot of ways, at least you will save their eyes and their body.

And when I say that “brain cells cannibals” are everywhere, it’s literally everywhere. But their favorite place is cartoons, since they can easily penetrate into innocent minds and manipulate them accordingly. Take, for example, the Nickelodeon television network, which will present an inter-racial gay couple in the “The Loud House” series of cartoons, while passing whatever messages they want to pass. Of course, in the UK they are a step ahead, since they already have gay lessons in schools.

Back in my childhood days, we had cartoons such as Thundercats, where every ThunderCats script was reviewed by a psychologist to be sure it would be a positive experience for the young viewer. And now you can say that they pass the “right” messages, but based on what the system wants.

Last, do not upload pictures of young children, yours or your relatives, on Facebook, do not give “food” to the 750,000 pedophiles that observe it everyday and have dominated the internet. You may consider it innocent, but innocence is scarce today. If you want to share photos with your relatives, you can make private albums and share them there.