Is Pickup Humiliating?

The Pickup community had begun purely and … uncontaminated through the group channels of the internet, where each one were testing different techniques and theories and writing about later, so that everyone could draw conclusions or try these techniques himself, so there be the necessary feedback (that the technique works) or correcting some details.

Later, the Mass Media gave great publicity to the subject, and so you were seeing each instructor bobbing up in magazines and TV shows as a new Messiah who came to earth to save the beta males from their misery.

Ok, not all PUAs are “Messiahs”…

When I started to learn Pickup, I had some bad times in my effort to find friends to support me (like wignmen), mainly because they all had a negative view of all this PU thing, and learning and in-fielding these techniques. Even today, if you ask someone, he will tell you that it is stupid to listen on flirting advices, and some people even find it strange if anyone searches online or books for such information.

But lately, the “war” against the Pickup scene has begun to grow. Anti-PUA forums, articles, reports and cartoons have begun to appear frequently in the media. Even in TV series, the -negative- references started to appearing, as I had written previously for the Criminal Minds series, where in an episode the PUA was making the crimes.

In this episode of the series Criminal Minds (SE4-EP9) titled Pickup, Prentiss asks Todd (the instructor) Why he Learns Men To be something that they are NOT“. This episode analyzes many of the PUA techniques from their psychological side, and there are also some negative comments about the community, such as the “Master” instructor (dressed as Mystery), where as “pupils” they’ve put the most “betas” they could found, just to “show to the world” what people are going to bootcamps, etc. And only Prentiss’s question shows the whole image of the “world” to “PUAs”.

But all of these has started from somewhere and maybe they have right to write such comments. Take for example Gunwitch, who had shot a woman because she wasn’t accept him on his approach [1], while recently Jason M. Berlin, Jonas Issac Dick, and Alexander Markham Smith, arrested for rape [2].

We also must not forget Elliot Rodger, who killed six people in Isla Vista, California [3], and Julien too, who gave more negative comments to PU community, with his actions [4] and by bragging about ‘raping’ stripper who was ‘totally not in the mood’ [5].

And there is also John Mulvehill (pickup handle JMULV), a former RSD instructor, who instead of “Pickup” a girl, he allegedly masturbated on a woman [6].

A scene from “The Big Bang Theory“, where Howard tries some PU’s trick on Penny, but he does not manage to win her over (meaning that this stuff doesn’t work).

OK, we could say that everything are fine now, these incidents are a only a few and the dust settles now. But not only this is not happening, but on the contrary, we are hearing for something new about PU scene and the people are getting mad about. This time RooshV has recently made a statement about raping, where he wrote “For all other rapes, however, especially if done in a dwelling or on private property, any and all rape that happens should be completely legal” [7].

Roosh V gets beer thrown in his face from a woman.

In my opinion, Roosh V didn’t meant that [8], but media has different opinion and they turned a lot of people against Roosh V and his team [9], making him to cancel his global meet up [10, 11].

And even infield videos have started to alarming women [12] and they are protesting against everyone who records and uploads their conversations on the internet [13], at least in Canada, where a Canadian Pickup instructor, Luke Howard who keeps the channel “Lukeutopia”, was forced to erase all of his videos to avoid -I believe- unpleasant situations by women.

A scene from the TV show “Lucifer”, where Lucifer refers to the students of a bootcamp as wicked and offends the “instructor” and the whole system. On the other hand, you can clearly see a lot of similarities to Pickup theories (I saved you $5,000 with this clip :)). It also refers to the hit of the time, “Cavemen” with “the conduct of the kick ass Caveman”.

This, in turn, will make many young people to avoid the community or not to see it positively. As time passes we will learn more negative moves from the most famous PUAs, which will stir even more people against them. And because in many popular sites, women write articles too, the negativity will be even greater, as for example in a theguardian’s article [14], where the author warns women to watch army of sleazebags, saddos and weirdos PUAs.

Although the community began as an underground situation where only some men could access it, this is no longer the case, mainly because of the money that these situations bring and the effort to make the community known to more and more people (which in turn, it brings more money). And despite the trying for “Pickup” to become mainstream, it will never happen and a cause is these negative situations, whereby Pickup players will be characterized as “weirdos” by the others.


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