“Demolition Man”: Predictions That Came True

Demolition Man” is a 1993 American science fiction action film, directed by Marco Brambilla in his directorial debut. The film tells the story of two men: an evil crime lord (Wesley Snipes) and a risk-taking police officer (Sylvester Stallone), previously cryogenically frozen in 1996 and they are restored to life in the year 2032 to find mainstream society changed and all crime seemingly eliminated. Along with Sylvester Stallone is Sandra Bullock as a policewoman.

Plot: Los Angeles, 1996. Hard-hitting cop John Spartan (Stallone) is determined to bring to justice the psychopathic criminal Simon Phoenix (Snipes). And while the Phoenix capture operation by Sparta successfully crowns, the murder of innocent citizens by the former forces the authorities to attribute responsibility to Sparta. The policeman is condemned to be frozen in a cryogenic capsule for an indefinite period of time.

San Angeles, 2032. Poverty and crime have been eliminated and prosperity, peace and order prevail. “Security above all” is the predominant slogan. In this peaceful world, John Spartan returns in action since the police are unable to solve the mystery of a series killings and terrorist acts. Spartan will realize that behind this is an old opponent of him, Simon Phoenix, who was also frozen, but because of a fatal mistake he managed to escape his “prison”. Determined to take his revenge, Sparta will now be faced with Phoenix…

This movie, predicted a lot that came true. One of its predictions was the RFID Chips. Quote from Lieutenant Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock):
Unfortunately Simon Phoenix was not coded. While you were sleeping everyone in the city was installed a code. It was a brilliant idea by Dr. Cocteau. An organically bio-engineered microchip is sewn into the skin. Sensors all over the city can zero in on anyone at any time.

The implanted microchip in hand was not the only “wonderful idea” that it’s close to being applied in our days. There are other “prophetic” elements in the film, too. For example we see teleconferences, self-driving vehicles, video calls, eye iris recognition, thus that a former US president “Wasn’t even born in the US“.

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The most blatant of these ideas is the absolute imposition of political correctness, a veil that covers everything. Those who question it are enemies and therefore consumable.

Since 1993, it has been 23 years. On this day, after so many years of diligent propaganda of the doctrines of political correctness and their fanatical promotion through dozens of films, that era seems even closer.

In the film, we see a “peacefully”, “loving” and “understanding” society, an absolutely politically correct future where everything that is considered harmful and offensive has been banned, and “offenders” are issued immediately by special ticket-machines, while criminality is non-existent. Therefore, police officers – who do not keep guns and do not use violence – have become something like municipal employees with impressive uniforms or even more like a fraternity of monks who greet each other full of joy. (Handshakes are forbidden in this society).

Also, any sexual contact is considered disgusting and harmful and therefore sex is done via… distance through “special devices” worn on the head by the -wannabe- lovers and then they sit opposite each other as they are turned on by virtual representations created by this device (Virtual Sex or sex through virtual reality is already a reality).

In this sterile society, alcohol, salt, caffeine and other stimulants are forbidden. In the toilets, there is no paper, but an incomprehensible system called “three shells” (the film does not give more clarification about).

The leader (or the dictator) of this “progressive” society is Dr. Raymond Cocteau, (a sort of Julius Caesar), a scientist and “wise man”, dressed in whites who always speaks blandly and looks like a New Age guru.

Cocteau is accompanied by “partner Bob”, a fat and feminine man, who is dressed like a geisha (Glenn Shadix, who was openly gay). The trio of power is complemented by the disobedient head of the metropolis police, Chief George Earle (Bob Gunton).

There is also another society who lives underground and they considered as punks. The leader of this underground group, who hates Cocteau’s system, is a man named Edgar Friendly (Denis Leary) who has been annoying to Dr. Cocteau who wants him dead. “He can not spoil our harmony” Dr. Cocteau says. And he will not hesitate to cooperate with the criminals (Phoenix) in order to get out of the way the “annoying” people. Good old methods.

This “idyllic” society, who lives in San Angeles (Los Angeles, Santa Fe and Santa Barbara united), suddenly changes when a violent “old school” criminal released from his cryogenic imprisonment and the new age Beta Male policemen are unable to stop him. The psychopathic Phoenix is now in a metropolis deprived of the police force, as a child in a playground!

He moves incessantly smashing everything in his path as he enters the “War Museum” grabbing whatever weapon he finds and then release the other frozen criminals of the city.

This utopian world of the metropolis of San Angeles is in danger to disappearing by one man only! Those people are like chickens that can be killed by only one fox.

So the authorities have only one thing to do, to go back to the “good old days” and defrost a tough Alpha Male police officer of the last century, who knows how to deal with such violent guys. This type of policeman (Stallone) is something like a “libertarian guerrilla”, as he represents what is considered as “anachronistic” or “barbaric” by this politically correct pseudo-progressive society, and therefore his ways are forbidden.

He likes to smoke, drink, eat red meat and slanging. He represents the return to the basic human instincts that are considered “outdated”. And that’s why he’s detested by everyone. Spartan is considered something like a dinosaur – a violent heirloom of another era. It does not fit into their “perfect” society. They call him ironically “Neanderthal”, “a fossil of a time that happily passed”. Yet he is the only one who can save them from totalitarian extinction.

But let’s return to our world for a moment, a world that is not far from this fantastic San Angeles of 2032. We see that our society moves toward to the “progressiveness” and to the feminized world.

While the subjects of this political correctness experiment are taught overnight the “values” of the “tolerance” and the “acceptance of the others”, the “anti-racism”, feminism and the breaking of “gender stereotypes”, thousands of invaders keep coming from worlds with “retrograde” value code, with primitive manners and “anachronistic”, “barbarians” and definitely more… “manly” values, where they are meeting a world where “everyone is welcome”, a dull and soft society, where everyone is forced, by “progressive” politicians and journalists, to stop speaking about those people negatively, and of course many of those people responding with a crime party, ignoring the “refugees welcome” banners of the “smiling-and-open-minded” girls.

And as the journalist Iben Thranholm said, those people have grown up respecting only the powerful men- and the are coming to an “open” Europe where the liberal feminist values ​​have been imposed and the powerful men are vanished or blamed. Those who are abound are the “Pajama Boys“, men who are like “chicken” for those people.

The deficiency of the masculinity of European culture makes it unable to cope with the political and cultural chaos that has escalated in combination with rising immigration.

In the film we see a society dedicated to avoiding conflicts and preserving safety by eliminating every danger, every adventure and even the manhood, this is the Brave New World’s Society. The Demolition Man shows the horror of a society that is designed based on rational or irrational, natural or artificial fears. This future world has no purpose other than to avoid any conflict.

As Huxley later discovers (in the movie), this makes not only a boring world but also a obedient and dull society addicted to bans, subjugation and victimization, a society manipulated by sly and corrupted leaders. Corrupted not so much in the usual accepting bribes way, but in a moral and spiritual sense, where they are the “wise men” who want to eliminate all the “defectiveness” and create a new kind of “peaceful” and “equable” man.

And when that time will come, they will looking for an different man, a Sparta(n), a man who is not like their dull creations, to save them.