Infidelity is the new thing

America’s latest trend is the infidelity. Not from women, as you may thought, but from men, and with the consent of their wifes.

No matter how strange it may sounds, women in the United States let their men to have sex with other women. To be precise, women prefer to stay home with their children, letting their husbands do what they want, as long as they have their privacy (the women).

I’ve mentioned many times in previous articles that marriage is like doing business and that most people want to get married either for the known social reason (parents, friends, social status in general) or just to make a child and nothing more. This recent survey, therefore, comes to confirm my opinion, as you will see in other studies below.

Many husbands agree to have one more child with their wife, so he can get her consent to have a “parallel relationship”. “Women allow their husbands to cheat them on a annual basis,” says the relationship advisor Suzie Johnson, while she claims that women allows the infidelity in order their husbands to offer them a large family but also to cover the family needs.

If a few years, a marriage will nothing have to do with love but for the profit of the couple, like the weddings where the man is gay and just marries to avoid people’s “talk”, especially in small communities, while giving his wife full freedom.

Many people will marry to avoid the pressure from the society, their friends and family, while continue doing their pre-marriage life and avoiding of course, sex between the couple, because they will not love each other. Maybe these days are near.