About Mark Manson’s vulnerability

A friend of mine asked me to give him an opinion on Mark Manson’s concept of “vulnerability” (and on his book “Models”). Although i didn’t read his book, i asked for more information about, so i can give him my opinion.

Please note that this is my opinion. I am not saying that Mark Manson’s theories are not good (they are).

So, he sent me a link (here) for an article titled “Vulnerability and Avoiding Manipulative Relationships“, so i share here my opinion based on this article.

Manson’s book “Models” has gained a lot of attention in seduction community. As far as i can understand, he is saying that vulnerability is to say the truth in any situation, without thinking about saying things only to impress a girl, especially if you don’t do these things, because a woman can understand easily if you are fake.

But let me ask you this, what’s the difference between this and let’s say from David X’s “honesty” theory, or any other “natural” or even “direct” game? All these theories are based on telling the truth, without caring what’s she is thinking about you. How this book gained so huge attention, the moment that so many instructors are saying about this too, i don’t know.

The truth is that by saying freely what’s in your mind is matters, but not always. I believe that sometimes is good to keep some secrets and not saying anything about you. And if you are a shy guy, or if you don’t had many girls in your life or even if you are virgin, any girl can understand this (and they are not saying anything, but they can understand). For example, will you tell a woman that you are reading books in order to win girls? Or that you are virgin? Or that you are approaching 20 women a day, in order to have sex? If not, then you can’t tell anything to women.

I read his article (link above) and although he says some known and good stuff, the reaction of the guy in the third scenario, is bad, in my opinion. In 3rd scenario, where this girl tells him irresponsible, this guy gets up and leaving. He has a good system, but if we have to become very sensitive and we are not accepting anything we don’t like to hear, especially from a woman we just met, who she don’t know us and we don’t know her, soon will make us to not talking to anyone that has a bad opinion for us. This is not a “i am standing on my feet and i like myself” approach, but “I’m a coward to refute you or to hear your opinion on me” (if i understood the message he is passing).

Why, if a girl tells you irresponsible for something, to manipulate you, while the other girl who asking some questions (in the fourth example) to be honest?

So, if you approach a girl and tell her something like “You are beautiful and if you like me too, we must be a couple or make sex” or even “We are know each other from school some time now, so i want to go out for a drink sometime“. This is not honesty? Even “betas” tell the truth to girls, for example “i like you”, or “you are beautiful”. What’s the difference?

I believe in telling the truth, but sometimes the truth is not something that get you the girl. For example you can approach a girl and tell her the truth, that you want to f*ck her (this is your purpose, isn’t it?). But you are not approaching like this, huh? I believe that Manson’s approach make men cowards, where they are not like what they are hearing, their only option is to leave instead to stand for themselves.


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