Are RSD instructors using models in their videos (?)

I like RSD a lot. And the reason is that although they sell nothing (OK, sorry wrong, “Natural-Direct with a little puff of Brutal and sprinkled with plenty awesomeness” GAME), have managed to reach the levels of fanboyism from companies like Apple and Sony. But as it seems, they are using models in their videos.

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In my opinion RSD are more fake even than Kim’s as$ and I believe that the reason RSD Luke is working for RSD, is to prove to the -fat- guys that looks don’t matters. If this fat guy can pickup girls, so can you, you only have to learn the ‘secret’ method.


But in my opinion, you can’t be a master PUA with obesity and I believe that RSD Luke knows that, so he’s using the same girl, his girlfriend, over and over again. And if RSD is OK with this, that is, the use of the same girl for his infields, then don’t believe anything you see from them, maybe they are using models in their videos and that’s what we will look in this post.

I don’t have something on fat guys, but if you are going to be an instructor, you have to tell them the truth, that looks DO matters, especially to beautiful girls. To be fair, Ι like Luke’s vibe and I thing that his voice is far more better than the other RSD instructors with the “girly” voice.

He has the most annoying voice and style you will ever see and i believe that most bullies would love to have him in their school, while he is using phrases like “personality matrixes” and “irreverence lens” just to say that the confidence in a man is sexy, which is something every man knows. Also he has some solid advises to share, like use a condom, do not eat carbs at night to avoid become overweight (not true, but anyway) etc. Wow, man, thank God we having RSD and can learn some things…

Before starting, let’s see an image, where RSD Luke is with his girlfriend. As you will see, the same girl is appearing in many Luke’s videos. Just see her mouth. And NO, she’s NOT helping him to get girls, she’s plays the ‘random’ girl RSD Luke approaches.

Now, let’s see some screenshots (from Youtube). Please note that we are talking about blurred faces, different angles, dark and low quality scenes is some of these videos and mistakes can be made. If you see any error in these photos (girls are different), please let me know.

So, is she the girl from above? Just watch her mouth.

This girl from behind, looks like the girl from above. The same hair, body etc.

Clearly, they are using the same girl in two different scenes. Look at her mouth and face. Watch the videos to listen to her voice.

It seems that RSD Luke and Todd are using the same girl.

Yeah, this camera is hidden, no one knows about it. Todd, tell her to avoid looking at the camera…

It seems that RSD Madison and Todd are using the same girl. Nope, she doesn’t know about the camera, it’s obvious…

This Chinese girl looks to be the same in those scenes.

This woman makes her appearance to many videos. Watch her mouth, hair and face. Maybe they are just “into” this type of woman and that’s why they look alike.

In this scene you can see that when the camera faces the girl, she turns immediately. Yeah, “hidden” cameras. It’s clear that this woman knows that there is a camera.

Update: In their latest videos, they using now full face blurriness, to avoid -maybe- one recognize the girl they use. Maybe, I say maybe, the above girsl are indeed models.

The good thing is that people are starting to see their bullshits and call them fake.

In this video, you can see that they are looking for girls for their infield videos.