Pranker ‘Sam Pepper’ says his videos are fake

Many people in the pickup community believe everything they see. And if tell them for example that one can’t kiss a girl without even know her name, they are showing you videos from prankers, where they kiss the girls immediately. It’s funny to watch those videos, but most of them are fake.

The truth is that I don’t watch Prankers and I know nothing about them, but watching the video (and any other infield video from any PUA), I can understand from their interaction if it’s fake or even -as we often call it- flake. And because pranks can be dangerous some times, so Prankers have to do fake pranks, so they can keep the views (and the money from them), without any danger.

Such pranks should be called “How to get your as$ kicked in five seconds”

I’m not saying to don’t watch pranks (or don’t watch such videos). But not get easily excited by everything you see, especially when someone approaches and kisses a girl in seconds, or when someone get a girl’s number after he just say only a “hello” with her.

Do you think that if someone approaches a girl out of nowhere, the girl not only have 100% her attention at him, so she can heard from the beginning what he has to say, but even she will kiss him or give him her number, without even the slightest hesitation? C’mon guys, little social perception does not hurt.

First pranker who PUAs love to see was Vitalyzd, until someone exposed him for using the same girl in two videos (the most PUAs make fake videos, so why not the Prankerz?). And there are so many who are jealous of the fame and the money the top prankers make, so they made their own videos.

One of them is Sam Pepper, who’s also a very popular pranker-youtuber in England for his kissing videos, the “Fake Hand Pinch Prank”, some gold-diggers pranks etc. Let’s see a video where he kiss an “unknown” girl out of the blue. Videos like this, is what make some wannabe PUAs to act like clowns in the field.

Would not be nice, if one morning you go out in a park, buy a coffee and kiss some beautiful girls? Or even make sex with them? Without even thinking about approaches and other such nonsense. Simple as that, you saw her, you approach and kiss her.

Well, It would be nice, but as you already know, life is not that easy. A few days ago Sam Pepper announced that his videos was fake and he erased almost all of them, while he deleted his tweets and his FB announcements. He admits that he did all this for the views and the money.

All these other prank channels came out, and they’d be doing more and more crazy pranks. I’d be watching saying ‘there’s no way they’re actually doing that’. All this stuff is fake. All it was about was the end goal. So I worked out that I can do these pranks, I can just fake them. I can make fake videos. I wanted to get views, I wanted to make money. It’s my job. I made videos so I can live.

So guys, don’t believe everything you see on the internet. And not only don’t believe them, do not try most of them, especially if you don’t have the courage to do it and if you don’t have the ability to protect yourself if something goes wrong (I have read that someone went to try something like this and a punch to his face came out of nowhere).

Of course you can try and do whatever you want and anything you saw on youtube, but this does not mean that what you see it’s true, OK?