Mystery’s Meltdown on Facebook

Mystery is a well known pua and instructor, who was very famous many years ago.

To be honest, i like Mystery. He did something that few would succeeded. Many of his current enemies, formerly disciples who followed him faithfully wherever he go, while he had with some of them a trial for the name of the company (the “Mystery Method” trademark is not his anymore). Mystery was not bussinessman, he was simply passionate about what he did, so he had not the appropriate skills needed in bussiness.

Let’s remember him

Don’t let me be misunderstood, this article does not concern the PUA Mystery, but Erik Von Markovik (his real name). Besides his fire as a PUA instructor has been extinguished, although still touring and teaching. Not that what he teaches is not true. For me, if you take the geek-like techniques and expressions, the psychological part behind the techniques is what matters. Besides, many have taken his techniques, renamed them and sell them again, but let’s not analyze it any further.


Mystery shows us with his life (and confirms what I am writing for years), that being a PUA or knowing some techniques does not count and the Mystery knew all these techniques. If you remember, Mystery had attempted suicide (as Style wrote in his book), showing us that behind this strong male icon, he was hiding many psychological problems (after all I have mentioned many times, watch what you read and by whom, and what information you keep). For example, someone who was a BETA in his life, could write on how to be an alpha male, based on his dreams about to be an alpha male, or someone else who has hate for women, could write on how to tream them with no respect etc.

A post from VH1’s forum, and in “The Pickup Artist” section:

Actually Matador does wear a wig. And Mystery wears hats to cover his psoriosis and black nail polish to cover his bad nail fungus. What most people DON’T know is that Mystery, ie Erik Von Markovik, is a dead beat dad. His almost 2 yr old little girl rarely sees her dad and he has only paid about $1000 in child support in her whole life. Both Matador and Mystery tell guys to keep it wrapped but it is known that neither do it very often themselves. And if you have read Mystery’s book he actually tells guys that the way to overcome LMR (last minute resistence) is to agree with the woman but KEEP GOING. So a woman can say NO and he ignores it and does what he wants anyway. Hmmm. And men think that is the way to treat women. How pathetic…

Mystery has collapsed psychologically. And the reason is that his wife later took his home and the child (here is the photo Mystery posted on FB with his daughter). If you look at his posts (which he erased all of them), you will notice a completely different Mystery, which not only can not stand on his feet (always psychologically talking), but it makes you believe that he is on the road to the worst.

Some of Mystery posts, which no longer exist in his profile. Click for higher resolution.
Some of Mystery posts, which no longer exist in his profile. Click for higher resolution.

Too bad for a man who had huge reputation, a man who taught us techniques like “Alpha” and “Manipulation”, now suffering from a woman. Too bad tah she took the child and is obliged to pay and can not see it whenever he wants. I wish him to win the trial and have his daughter back (although courts give priority to women). Is something he deserves.



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