Why ‘They Live’ is a documentary

They Live,” is a masterpiece, directed by John Carpenter and produced in 1988.

It’s a film conspirators love to watch, since it speaks about a reality well hidden from the eyes of the most people. And most of those who have seen the movie love it, because they know that the world today is not away from Carpenter’s movie (and not even from ‘Demolition Man‘ is, but this is an issue for another time).

That is, the power of an elite of few people, who controls the world and with the help of mass media, pass their messages to us.

The title of the article is borrowed from Ronnie Piper’s tweet, which he posted about 2 years before his death and wrote ‘They Live is a Documentary‘.

Below we will analyze some important points of the film and we will see whether Peiper’s message is valid or not. We will also see why in the film there is more truth than imagination.

Of course, the film talks about aliens, but it is definitely a parallelism for people who belong to an elite. With this, they wanted to show that in the world there is an elite who commands.

The film starts with Nada walking to Los Angeles in the hope of finding a job, as unemployment affects America. From the beginning, the movie makes us feel that something is happening, since we see helicopters flying over the city, and a preacher explaining to the world what is happening in an attempt to awaken him.

Note that the message sent by the preacher may refer to an elite of people, if we accept that this is true. Of course, police try to dissolve something like this.

As Nada continues his way, we often see people staring at the TV, careless to anything else is around them. And although in recent years many young people do not see television, they have something else to keep them busy, usually their mobile.

Then we slowly begin to get into the point when a group of hackers invade the TV signal, trying to spread their message.

The average person watching this, start to complain about headaches, but mainly complain about the hackers who break the program, which is still true today, most of us do not want to hear anything other the ordinary stuff.

Then, Nada discovers that the priest and the man of the television are acquaints and they meet in a local church. He follows them secretly, and there he realizes that in fact the church is the basis of an illegal group of people, and there are messages on the walls of the church such as “They live, we sleep“.

This message also distinguishes the elite from the others, where those who are in this elite live knowing everything, while the other people live their daily routines mechanically, without thinking, as a zombie that easily absorbs everything they say, and with the help of subconscious messages hidden behind any kind of advertising, they want to transform the human race into slaves.

Perhaps that is why Nada has not turned into a social zombie, because he is unemployed and has no access to television. Maybe it’s a good sign for our mobiles, that maybe we should avoid using them, but I will not analyze it more as it does not concern the article.

Nada learns that the team plans to add and other members to destroy the elite. However, after a few days, the police find their hideout and dissolve it, capturing the team members at the same time.

Nana understands that something is wrong with America and decides to find it. Returning to the church, the first thing he see is that the message on the wall has been erased with paint, since they do not want to have such wake-up messages.

Today, the role of the paint has been taken by large social networks and search engines, since they can easily wipe out whatever they want. If something is not on Google or Facebook, then it just does not exist.

Nada makes his greatest discovery, a box filled with black sunglasses. They may initially look useless, but ultimately it is the tool that shows Nada the truth. When he wears them, he can see the subconscious messages hidden behind the ads and the means of mass evasion.

So he sees the real messages the elite wants to get into the world to keep them busy and languid, but also the real meaning of money and the conversion of people into consuming junkies.

It also discovers something else. Some people look different when he wearing the glasses, people belonging to another race and adapted to our world. These people are everywhere, but most hold leading positions.

Extraterrestrials understand that Nada can see them and so alert the authorities to be arrested. Being able to see the reality is something that is forbidden, and they have to wipe you away.

People are monitored by camera devices, similar to today’s drones. In the 1980s, such a device belonged to the sphere of imagination, but today it is a reality.

Nada’s glasses show us how things are seen by two different people, one sees what others want to see, while the other sees the reality. His glasses reflect the knowledge of the truth that lets you see things with a different eye.

After understanding what happens, Nada tries to inform the others. This is a particular scene, since it shows us that some people do not want to hear the truth, while many are nervous when someone try to tell them the truth.

In this scene, Nada was able to open his friend’s eyes only after a fight. And it may seem stupid as a scene, it shows us that the average person can not easily wake up.

They then go to a gathering from the illegal organization that wants to clean the land from the aliens. There they are given special contact lenses that work like the glasses, and that’s why those who wore glasses at first had headaches, which shows us that when one comes in contact with reality, it is difficult at first to get used to it.

There they also learn that many people have collaborated with the aliens in exchange for money and power. Something that is valid, since many politicians and people with power have been corrupted in the past, and the same applies to famous people.

However, the meeting does not have a good end because the police appear and treats them as terrorists, shooting those who are there. Nada and his friend manage to escape and end up at the aliens’ base.

As they explore the base, they are in a large space where a banquet is held to please people for working with them.

Then they find the source of the aliens’ subliminal messages and is, what else, a TV studio. Extraterrestrials use television networks to deliver brainwashing messages to humans to turn them into zombies.

This is yet another message of the film that the elite uses the media and especially the television to get what they want from the world.

Nada realizes that in order to stop these messages, he has to go and destroy the station’s antenna, which is not an easy task.

There he meet with Holly, who is in charge of the station. While in the beginning she looks trustful, it turns out that she really wants to disorient them and make them fail to reach their goal. In fact, she shoots Nada’s friend. Along the way, Holly tries to convince Nada that she wants to help him while she really wants to kill him.

Today, Holly’s role has taken on big television names, trying to dissuade people from learning the truth.

Ultimately, Nada understands that Holly is funded by the elite and manages to kill her while he manages to destroy the station’s antenna by saving people, although at the end he being killed by a police officer, taking on the role of a hero who is killed for the sake of humanity.

With the antenna damaged, people can see the aliens as they really are. The world realizes that those who informed them, were the ones who manipulated and controlled them.

The messages of the film are many and today, several years after its production, we see that they apply with precision. The masses are devastated, while the various events, television programs and technology, keeps them constantly busy so they can not see any further. Politicians use the power of television and its people, which most of them are trusted by the people and pass on their agenda without the slightest reaction of the mass.

Yes, ‘They Live’ is a documentary. It shows us that the world can easily be manipulated, kept constantly busy with television programs, creating new needs and forcing them to consume constantly, keeping them a prey of the banks, refusing to accept any different voice.