Pickup instructors are charged for rape

I am avoiding any discussion about PU instructors, unless something is worth to mention. All this “community” thing is a myth, the most of these PU instructors are fake and the only thing they want is your money.

I am many years into this “PU” thing and I realized from the beginning about the lies these “instructors” saying. I wrote in older posts about them with evidence that they are not worth your time and money. But this post is different.

For me, this “community” (and I am talking about the instructors and people who want to make easy money from the new guys), is like a restaurant which sells rotten meats and masks the stench by putting a lot of spices on. And from time to time, this restaurant gives a good piece of meat, so to fool and the people who are good and can recognize the cheating. But the most of its food has always bad quality.

One who is experienced, will eat 1-2 times there and never come back, but the easy pray, he who can’t think for himself but listens what others have to say, not only will eat every day from this restaurant, but he will pride to his friends that he knows where to find the good stuff.

Today I will write about some instructors from a group named “Efficient Pickup”. Efficient Pickup is a three guys group, where previous they were working with big names, like RSD. After Tyler broke his cooperation with them, they created their own PU group.

Of course Tyler is not an idiot, he didn’t want his company to make a bad name, especially after RSD were called “sexists”.

Just for the record, one of these three dudes left his job to work with RSD. Of course, he didn’t went for the money, he just wanted to share the knowledge with the other. What a great guy [/ironic].

Last October, two of these instructors, along with another dude, accused of raping an unconscious woman they met in the Gaslamp Quarter. They met this woman in a bar, bought her a few drinks (Hey, where is the “don’t buy her drinks” advice?), took her to their hotel room and raped her (according to the news).

So my dear PU fanboy, it doesn’t matter what they are saying to you. For them, the only thing that matters is to tell you what YOU want to hear, but in reality they are doing what every BETA does, or even worse.

When they couldn’t win the girl, they tried some more “advanced” tactics. This makes me remember when I asked some PU dudes why they were approaching only drunk girls (in their infield videos) and instead answering, they were deleted my comments or banned me.

But what about the 3rd instructor, John Mulvehill ? Well, he is another story. Ex RSD’s assistant (it seems that many “good” people are/were working for this company), he was using the name “JMULV”, was a member of the “Vegas pu$$y massacre crew” and of course, like all the other, he was teaching that it doesn’t matter if you are fat or ugly, you can “hack” the women’s brain by using his techniques.

Well, this guy arrested because one night in May, grab with force a young woman from Caesar’s Palace to his car and once they was there, he pulled her into the back seat of his black Pontiac, then locked the doors so she couldn’t escape and threw away her phone, so she couldn’t call or text her friends.

“She kept telling him she wanted to leave,” the arrest report says. Mulvehill somehow took that as a sign to pull down his pants, and tell her to watch as he masturbated, while trying to grab her breasts and kiss her, according to the victim. When the girl’s friends found her, they hit on Mulvehill’s car window and she got out. What type of game is this, really!!!

Some posts of these teaches are already deleted from RSD’s forum but are available via The Wayback Machine.

Here John Mulvehill is trying to make us choose his company instead of the others, because they are not as good as his company, because he was worked with them and knows them well (Come on guys, we don’t know which company to choose, please decide already).

With such news, you can see that the “good” names are starting to fall, so a “new-wannabe-a-pua” dude, can’t find a reliable source. The worst company is by far the RSD, these monkeys are teaching techniques similar to raping and call it “game”.

And if this sound strange to you, Julien already confessed that he raped a stripper.

And there are people who can’t even approach an ugly girl fearless, and they want to try these methods and act like a “caveman”. Really guys?

So this is about some of the community’s PU instructors. You have to be careful what you read. Internet is the best information source but it can be also the worst source, because anyone can write about anything.

When someone is new to PU, he takes every thing he reads without filtering them, because most guys who enters in PU are social zombies or without any social knowledge.