Is it the end for men?

I have wrote about the problems that caused to our body by the many chemicals existing in the most products today, especially the problems who affecting men. In the video below we’ll see more about these issues.

The following video analyzes the endocrinological problems caused by the chemicals that are present in most products, such as shampoos, various cosmetic products, dairy products (for which we will talk in another article) and more.

Some issues according to the video are (note that the video is old and surely the statistics will have changed):

  • Seed has declined over the past 50 years and over 85% of semen is unnatural
  • There are over 90000 manufactured chemical components, with 80000 not tested for their effects on the human body.
  • There is a tremendous increase in the problems of the genitalia of newborn boys.
  • Miscarriages have increased, especially when it comes to a boy.

Also the video analyzes phthalates, chemicals mainly used in the manufacture of cheap clothes [1], but also Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical used in almost all plastic bottles. Note that these chemicals also affecting women and it is good to know more about these products.

For your best protection, try to avoid using plastic bottles, most cosmetics (especially the cheapest), cow’s milk, fruits and vegetables that have received large quantities of pesticides.

Because we can not completely avoid those products, in the next articles I’m going to write more about this.