Porn Stars Give Oral Sex Tips to Guys

SimplePickup decided to start make video beyond the approach and the seduction. So they hired for this purpose, what else, porn starts and this video below shows us how to give oral sex properly.

But, this “porn-star-advice” craziness is starting to be annoying, at least to me. It’s all right to ask a girl for advice, especially a girl that has so many hours “working” out with guys, but this “porn” thing is ridiculous.

I mean, there are products that they asking porn-stars for their opinions on how is the best way to approach girls, how to win them, etc. The porn stars are doing everything for money, so they can give wrong advices most of the times.

Remember that there are so many women that are more sluts or more experienced than the average porn star, so what makes them so “special” to tell us about game? Except from the marketing, of course.

But the reality is that the oral sex plays an important role for women. A study says that men who perform cunnilingus, can ‘minimize the risk of infidelity’.

As you can understand, if you are in a relationship, “infidelity” is always on the plate, so a man must learn tricks to reduce the… risk 🙂

Anyway, enough with talking