Why going out alone is better

Whether you’re a “community” rat (meaning that you’re into Pickup for a long time), or you just want to go out and meet some girls or friends, you have to find a friend to get along.

And there were times that you wanted to go to some events, let’s say a party, but you can’t go because you didn’t have a friend to go with.

This wingman/friend issue is something that has bothered me since the beginning of my pickup game, and I have sometimes tried to go out alone, which it was more like a solution of despair, not something I wanted to. But sometimes going out alone is better than having a bad person with you.

Because, let’s face it, there may be countless discussions at the seduction forums, but the game is played out with women and friends and definitely many men avoid starting something simply because they do not have any friend, that’s why at many forums there are special categories for people who want to find a wingman.

What exactly is a wingman? A wingman is a lot of things. For example, is your company in a bar, because you might be afraid to go alone (and maybe it is also the main reason you are looking for a wingman).

Is the friend who will support you in every “madness” of yours, the eye that will observe and tell you your mistakes, but also he who observe the signs of a girl and will tell you about later.

Is the hand that will push you when you are afraid to approach a girl, he who can keep company to your target’s friends, so you can have more time with her. A wingman should be your tool and you must be his tool.

But what else is a wingman? We have seen his positives, let’s see the negatives of a wingman.

He is the one who always telling you that this bar does not have good “sets” and wants to go elsewhere, he’s the cheap that will not want to pay for an event you want to go.

He’s the one who does not talk about anything else than PUA and that makes you wonder if he wants you for your company or he is with you because he just need someone to go out with.

He’s the uncool guys who does not want to go to bars and clubs, is the weird guy who always make women want to hide when he talks to them and of course, this can hurt your reputation, and is the “desperate” guy, he who make obvious from afar that he is looking just to ‘score’ with a girl and of course, such a behavior “activates a woman’s alarm”, but also is he who can have a better game than you (or be more attractive) so he can get your sets and many more.

An ignorant wingman, who does not know how to hide that he’s desperately looking for women, can make you look bad…

The truth is that you do not need any wingman. Is you who approach a woman, is you who talks with her, you who kiss her and you who have sex with her.

A wingman can be your company until you go to a bar, but you will be on your own when you approach someone. Having a person with you can sometimes hurts you.

If you have always a wingman or a friend with you, then it will be difficult for you to go out alone and definitely requires a lot of effort to make the first step.

But it’s very easy, especially in the morning (ie day game). Having a wingman with you while you are out to pickup girls in streets, it makes no sense, because you don’t need anyone, and it doesn’t seem good to see 2-3 guys in the streets approaching women.

Having someone with you, can sometimes detach you from your game and you will not be able to keep continue with a woman, because you may thinking that you have and someone else with you, especially if you are out with the same vehicle.

If you are still afraid to go out alone, you can start by going at some salsa parties on your own. Sure, going in a bar or a club alone it’s definitely more difficult, unless you visit bars that always having a lot of people inside, and so you can be invisible to them.

And if you do not want to go to a club/bar, if you don’t have any person to go out along, then you can try to pickup women either online or by practicing day game, or you can go to various parties and music events and you’ll soon see that being alone can be good.