Why I don’t care if I’m an “alpha male”

From the beginning of my trip to this community, the only thing that impressed me the most, was the term “Alpha Male”.

As “Alpha male”, we are saying the top of the men, the men who have what they want, they do jobs that they like and, of course, they have other people who obey them, while, of course, there are men who want to be with them, or women where even a simple eye contact with them is enough to love them.

I was impressed with everything I read that I could have if I became an alpha male (and if I bought their next product that would give me even more information to be even better), I watched so many videos with actors showed a manly acting and I was saying “This is what I wanna be”.

But after so long in the self-improvement game, I realized that one who is struggling to become “ALPHA” (the caps on purpose) has no different from the Facebook’s “like wh0res” or the so many Youtube betas who are willing to do anything they can, for the likes and views.

Struggling with yourself to become better, something that is often out of your reality, makes you socially anxious. You start by not being interested in your friend, because it might be betas and keep looking to hang out with other “alphas”.

With time and as your need for recognition grows up, you are looking at whether the people you are chatting with are “above” or “below” than you and act appropriately, trying to put them down, “AMOGing” them so you can feel better.

By constantly thinking about becoming an alpha male, you become paranoid, at the same level as the brainless girls, who are always struggling to become perfect, so they can have the most likes.

In every situation you will see enemies everywhere, people who want to “amog” you and they want to reduce your status. This is how you enter into an endless battle, where you have to win, and if someone will try to put you down in front of women, it will make you feel bad for a long time.

You will try to “Amog” even your friends, in order to please your selfishness. The more you feel an alpha, the more you will try to keep your throne, and as a result you will have fewer friends, and if you decide to become “BadBoy” then no one will talk to you.

We are living in a society where everything depends on the recognition from the others. We work to buy things we do not need, to hang out with people we do not like, to go to places we do not want but they are full of people, so we have to go too, and finally to impress people we do not know or care about us.

From the shopping of expensive mobiles, fake-full-on-steroids body-builders, Facebook photos full of fake fun, everything has to do with our image on others, and the “Alpha” label is not something different.

The term “alpha male” is also a trap. As we working to buy more and more things, as they convinced us that we must become something we are NOT, whether we want it or not.

And the result to all this? The… alpha hanging out only with people who can manage and manipulate and not with those who are real men and can’t be manipulated easily.

Badboy, Alpha-male, Caveman. The more the choices, the bigger the anxiety…

I do not care about all of that. In fact, I was rarely interested in putting a tag on me. The respect you want to have from the people, is like the trust, you have to win it and you can not pressure someone to accept you as an “Alpha” male. I certainly wrote about it many times and I will mention the term “Alpha Male” and in future posts, but for other reasons.

I do not care if someone who talking with, sees me as “Alpha,” nor do I care when I meet new people looking for a wingman, to “Amog” them and show to them that I am something, but I behave as I know them for years. Those who are anxious about how others will see them are also those who are desperate for recognition, who never had nothing and

Well, at first, I will amog the one who has won the girls and then I will show to all of them what an Alpha Male I am…

As long as you think you are good enough on something, there will always someone else who will be better than you in the same thing. Do not look desperately to be the best of the best of something, it’s a waste of time.

I’m not saying that you do not need to change a lot of things on you, you should definitely change them if you do not like them. Do not fall into the trap that women only wants alpha males and guys like Cristian Gray (Fifty shades of gray), if you let go your first enthusiasm and think it better, you’ll see that many “Betas” are either in relation or already married and have a good time and a lot of friends.

He must be a man, a masculine man. To looking at you and by his look to understand that you have to shut up. ~ D. Alexandraki

Just relax. The good times in your life doesn’t measured by how much alpha male you are, how much “amog” you have given this day and how many times you showed to people that you are a masculine man. Women are not soldiers to obey orders. You can transform yourself from beta to a masculine man, if you try hard, but you will not be able to do it if you are anxious about it.

If you are a truly masculine male and not a “beta” who’s trying to hide it behind some tricks, women will understand it (and believe me, they can “smell” the fear on women a man has) and they will respect you by themselves, it’s in their DNA.

This has to do with other men too, they will respect you on their own, without having to do anything on your part or to “force” them to. When you see this happening, people being respectful of you, then it means that something has changed on you and it is not some ridiculous PUA techniques that have done this.