Sorry Mario, but our Princess is with Bowser

Last August we learned about an attack on a train in France and for some brave dudes who helped avert a massacre.

One of these dudes was Spencer Stone, American, congratulated (among the others) from U.S. President Barack Obama and other leaders. Spencer tried recently his braveness but this time things were different, as he stabbed by a woman.

Spencer Stone stabbed from the woman he tried to protect in the first place as she being punched by her boyfriend.

After the incident, the woman fled with her boyfriend and some other men and can be seen getting into car with them. Also, she didn’t cared about Stone and of course, she didn’t called an ambulance to help him.

What is a moral of a story? Do not help a woman that being hit from a guy she has a relationship with, because when someone hits with such a confidence a woman in the street, can hit and a man too and second, you never know what type of weapon this man may have, his background story and what he can do to you if you get between.


It’s a lost time if you try to help any woman in such a situation and maybe dangerous to your life. The woman will NEVER go with you OR support you, because you saved her from the bad guy, but she will support him and maybe turn against you if you try to hit her man.

In the most cases, the man who hits his woman, he already did and other times too and the woman didn’t left him. Maybe she believes that she worth such a behavior. Maybe you believe that she is afraid of him and that’s why she don’t leave him, but if she could call the police and she didn’t.

Sometimes you don't have to be a knight in shining armor...
Sometimes you don’t have to be a knight in shining armor…

Some women may be waiting for the knight in shining armor to save them from the bad dragon, but until this happen, they already living well with this “dragon”. If you try to be between them, either because you do it with a good purpose or because you believe that with something like this, you will win the woman, is a lost time.

She being hit and when the crowd trying to help her, she tries to help the man she being punched from, pushed them away from him.

Now, i am not saying to not try and help a woman if, for example, someone tries to steal something from her, but DO it only if you believe you can help. But always, call the police first before doing anything you regret later.


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