Ashley Madison hacking: Thank you dear hackers

Surely, you will remember that a while ago the Ashley Madison site, a dating site like the many existing on the internet today, hacked.

Although I learned about the site after the hacking, it’s popular with 32m users around the world. It was a good place with a promised “game” for its members, but was for real? I wrote again for this type of sites and I was not wrong, those sites have a goal, to get the money of -the often hopeless- men.

It is not so much the site itself and its countless users, but the posting of the personal data of the site that we are going to deal with. That’s because if you take a clser look, you’ll see that it’s just a huge scam.

In an analysis of the data published by gizmodo, you can see that almost no woman has used the site, and, according to Daily Mail 80% of new users paid to just chat with bots.

According to Ashley Madison, there were about 5.5m women on the site, a significant number for anyone who’s looking to find a woman. However, most accounts were not real and were created with fake emails (most of them had the company’s email). Most of these accounts, were tagged as women (what else would be?), while the most hot-but-fake accounts belonged to a company named OnX, which, on a “a-satanic-coincidence“, they also maintained Ashley Madison’s backups.

The best thing of course is that in 80,805 female profiles, their IP address was The IP, as you may know, is your digital unique identity you receive every time you connect to the internet. The address “” is known as “Local” or “home”, which means, those accounts was creations of the company.

Sssshhhh, keep this a secret!

Ashley Madison, and every company that wants to make easy money, knows who is the easy target, a desperate man. And what’s better than a website, where it gives you access to so many beautiful women? And even if a woman talk with you positively, she may ask you to send her money to keep talking.

This desperation men have, is the reason for so many bad decisions a man makes, but for despair we will talk in a next article. My advice is to avoid those websites that asks for you to pay before they let you “talk” with women, especially if it allows you to receive messages, but you can not answer until you pay, it is definitely a scam.