Social media changing the game

Previously, when someone who did not have a lot of friends or did not participate in activities that could brought him close to people of the opposite sex, the only way to get to know someone was to go out to bars, cafes, parks or clubs.

This was something that the old school players did and the seduction community promoted a lot. What’s better that going out and do what men did for years? But the time passes and its changes also affects the game.

As I noted above, when a man or a woman wanted to meet their other half, he/she would go out. Especially the women of the big cities, they were going out alone, a sign that they were looking for a man, and this is why in so many PUA theories you read about women alone in bars (no matter if you are wondering why you never see a woman alone in bars).

So either if a woman was alone or in a set, you knew they were looking for a man and did not have anywhere else to find him, so you had a good chance of win this girl.

Now this is no longer the case. Social “nets” such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and many others have won the women. So today’s woman has so many things to do with herself, like changing dressing and using makeup so she can take the best photo and upload it to social media and get likes, that she does not has time for something else.

The more likes she get, the more her self-esteem reaches the sky, and if she does not get many likes, she will try a ‘plan b’, with duck faces, a bit more tits or ass, in order to get them. And believe me, at the end she gets them.

And she is not lacking the dozens of men hitting her almost everyday. Players, desperate men, weirdos but also nice guys or bad boys are daily on her profile for talking, commenting, etc. She does not miss the flirt. Thus, the older women get PCs to access the internet (aka Facebook) trying to play the game too.

So now, if you approach a girl somewhere, she is no longer the lonely and desperate girl who wants to find a man, so she has to talk to him nicely because maybe she will not talk to a man again for days. Now dozens of unanswered or unreadable messages waiting for her on the – sometimes smarter than her – phone to answer.

So the problem is as follows. You trying to get dressed well and look as handsome as you can? She already got about 50 photos only this week from men with six packs, “huge” crotches, sweat in the gym, hang out at parties, having fun etc.

You are trying to neg her or play hard-to-get in order to show her that you are not needy and you have many options? She already got about 50 photos on that day alone from men telling her that they love her, they want to make love with her, that she looks sexy, that she is ‘goddess’, that they want to marry her and many other messages from various types of men, so guess, your ‘game’ will not bother her your neg.

You are trying to play the “caveman” or “brutal” or what else do you think you will win to her? And even on the streets? Only that week she had a few invitations for sex from other -brutal-men, probably more beautiful or rich than you, and she might have had an one-night-stand just a few hours ago with a man she met on internet.

So, as you can see, the today’s woman, who is always online, has many “offers”, especially if she is very beautiful and her attention is constantly on her cell phone. In a survey they found that seven out of ten young people living a virtual reality on Facebook and trying with various fake tricks to raise their value on the internet. In short, your profile on the internet (on Facebook in particular) is now your identity, your book cover that sells, who you are and what are you doing. Many women prefer to get to know more about you from your profile and not from someone else.

Surely a man should be able to charm a woman in the real world and this man has an advantage. But not as terrific as it was 5-10 years ago, for example. If you have a nice body and generally you are living your life and upload photos on FB, then you are automatically “in” and women will talk to you on their own. Women continue to look for the ideal guy and the best f*ck, it does not change, but it changes the way they are looking for them.

And we have not seen anything yet. Next generations will also have a built-in USB port for a better connection to their mobile.
And we have not seen anything yet. Next generations will also have a built-in USB port for a better connection to their mobile.

In the problems of bars/clubs game, one more nail in the coffin is the financial crisis. Women (and even men) do not have the money they used to and they can’t go out drinking and having fun until morning like they did, now they prefer staying home with their friends or chatting with their online “friends”, while people are usually going out many together for either economy or because they have a lot to say (and this creates a problem for anyone who wants to approach a woman who is in mixed set constantly talking) and as long as the time passes the problem is getting worse.

I am sure that those who try to follow the old approach model (day game, night game etc), without giving a look in social activities (I have written many articles on this topic) and online game, they will be thrown away by the progress. The internet may be a good opportunity for those involved in the game, but it has an incredible competition. It’s not just about being alpha male now, because you will not only have to compare with the people she already knows, but you will be compared to 100 people who flirting with her online. She now has a lot of choices, she no longer have to choose between 10 of her acquaintances, but from over 1,000 “friends” of the internet.

Let's just raise my value a little before I talk to this chick...
Let’s just raise my value a little before I talk to this chick…

Surely you can resist internet’s fever and meet women in the classic way, it will not change for a long time yet. But at some point it will change, everything will be done online, and the same goes for the flirt. And app releases like Winks just pushes things there.